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This. Is. Awkward…

21 July, 2009

Just watch…

Hahaha, fail…

10 April, 2009

That’s so inconveniently hilarious…


29 January, 2009

FYeahRyanGosling is an interesting… You know what, I don’t think I can explain, just go to the site

Interesting, maybe… Wrong? Yes…

16 January, 2009

NFL Fanhouse has an article on a banned Super Bowl commercial advertising a website to help married people find someone to cheat with. I get what they’re trying to do here… but what happened to good old Weekend in Vegas-style one-night-stands-with-a-hooker with no names and a bottle of Johnny Walker? Is nothing sacred?

Article HERE

Update: Carrie found this online. Give her a round of applause!

Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories

2 January, 2009

Cryptomundo has a list of their Top Ten Cryptozoological Stories for this past year. Pretty weird interesting stuff.

The List is HERE

Yes, this is definitely real…

2 December, 2008


This product is being marketed as a “no-rinse face wash” that is “inspired by the original.” And its only 7$ a bottle! Awesome!

MomSpit No-rinse Cleanser