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JM’s Words of Wisdom…

28 December, 2009

Life ain’t a fairy tale, it’s a documentary.

JM’s Words of Wisdom

1 December, 2009

American media, the giant clown’s mouth that’s about to swallow Tiger Woods’ 18th hole shot on the mini-golf course of fame.

PS. Why are switching it up hardcore to the Tele lately, man?

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 10/13/09

13 October, 2009

You know, parents may ask you “please stay and fix the printer and the cable box,” but what they really mean to ask is “please stay.”

Too true, man, too true…

PS. First post in over a month and a half!

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 9/9/9…

9 September, 2009

Rule of law: if you tell me within two minutes of meeting me that you are “real,” you are in fact not. But neat dress.

It’s Fashion Week in NYC. Where are all the Talbot’s models hanging out?

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 9/8/09

8 September, 2009

I’m a little hung over. Don’t get me wrong, I could still save Nakatomi Plaza if I had to.

Fuck Yeah…

24 June, 2009

The White House is steppin’ it up for reals…

The translation for this tweet is “President Obama’s Remarks on Iran at his Press Conference, with Persian Translation [Link]” (via Steve S. / Wayne’s list)

JM’s Tweet: 5/20/09

20 May, 2009

I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.

Pretty Cool…

6 April, 2009

If Homer’s Odyssey Were Written on Twitter…

Oasis V. Coldplay, Just Kidding…

3 March, 2009

Coldplay’s producer, and all around ambient genius, Brian Eno, and Oasis’ old manager, Alan McGee, apparently have gotten into a war of words on twitter. Its pretty much the twitter equivalent of Sorority sisters arguing over something they won’t remember in the morning after a long night of Junction Punch and regrets…

Referring to Eno’s latest collaboration with Coldplay, the former Oasis manager added: “Was it your idea to dress up Coldplay as the Beatles?” Eno replied to McGee’s message (known on Twitter as a ‘Tweet’) this morning, saying: “Fuck off, wanker.”

I have no comment in either direction as they may both a have a point…