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9 April, 2009

The Killers are alright… They aren’t terrible or anything, there first album was great, but they’re just… alright… But I have to agree with Brandon Flowers. I bet Noel would too…

openquote“I don’t mean it in a bad way but I think Kurt Cobain and grunge took the fun out of rock and roll.”openquote

Also, whats up with him/them? Are they mormon, are they not, what the hell?

Coldplay. The Killers, bono, Take That?

20 February, 2009

That image really says it all. Coldplay and the Killers took the stage together at The War Child benefit a day ago and it was cool (video below) and the bono came out and made it official (which I guess means its still cool… i guess…) and then that Barlow dude from Take That came out and made it not as official but still kind of cool.

Will didn’t play the drums and Guy didn’t play bass, and Jonny played acoustic, which is pretty blasphemous, but whatever. The Killers are alright to me. And, apparently, my opinion matters. Or, at least thats what they told me in pre school…