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So True…

30 July, 2009

From the Boing:

Glyn sez, “Buying DRMed content, then having that content stop working later is fair writes Steven Metalitz, the lawyer who represents the MPAA, RIAA in a letter to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office.”

“We reject the view,” he writes in a letter to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office, “that copyright owners and their licensees are required to provide consumers with perpetual access to creative works. No other product or service providers are held to such lofty standards. No one expects computers or other electronics devices to work properly in perpetuity, and there is no reason that any particular mode of distributing copyrighted works should be required to do so.”
This is, of course, true, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. The only reason that such tracks are crippled after authentication servers go down is because of a system that was demanded by content owners and imposed on companies like Wal-Mart and Apple; buyers who grudgingly bought tracks online because it was easy accepted, but never desired the DRM. To simply say that they are “out of luck” because they used a system that the rightsholders demanded is the height of callousness to one’s customers. While computers and electronics devices do break down over time, these music tracks were crippled by design.

I’ve got 78RPM records from my grandparents’ basement that play just fine today — and I’ve got Logo programs I wrote in 1979 that I can run today. I own a piano roll from 1903 that I can play back if I can clear the space for a player piano. I’ve got books printed in the 17th century that can still be read — and if they can’t be read, they can be scanned and the scans can be read. This is what an open format means.
It’s hilarious that the same yahoos who argue for perpetual copyright (implying that copyrighted works have value forever) also argue for time-limited ownership (implying that people who buy copyrighted works should be content to enjoy them for a few weeks or years until the DRM stops working).

Remember: when you buy DRM, you really rent, until such time as the DRM company goes bust or changes its mind. When you buy DRM-free, you get something your great-grandkids can enjoy.

This totally is true. Records can still work, papers can still be read, etc. if the user(s) take care of it. It shouldn’t be left to the servers/IT technicians/RIAA to decide when something will just “stop working”. That’s the problem with a lot of technology today. If something stops working, its not because of misuse by the user (well, not all of the time…) but because of ever-evolving views on what “quality” is. Not cool…

This Sucks… A lot…

8 July, 2009

Apparently, United Airlines is not the place to go if your a musician and are flying somewhere…


18 June, 2009

Can we go to the moon again, then? Its pocket change…

Hey, Waddia Know?

15 June, 2009

Undercover NYPD offices in New York arrested brothers Jose and Maximo Colon for selling cocaine in a night club. The men would almost certainly be serving lengthy prison sentences if it weren’t for the fact that a surveillance video camera in the nightclub shows that the police made the whole thing up.

Paperwork signed by “UC 13200” — Officer Henry Tavarez — claimed that he told a patron he wanted to buy cocaine. By his account, that man responded by approaching the 28-year-old Max, who then went over to the undercover and demanded to pat him down to make sure he wasn’t wearing a wire.

Max collected $100 from Tavarez, the report said. The officer claimed to see two bags of cocaine pass through the hands of three men, including Jose, before they were given to him.


What the tape doesn’t show is striking: At no point did the officers interact with the undercovers, nor did the brothers appear to be involved in a drug deal with anyone else. Adding insult to injury, an outside camera taped the undercovers literally dancing down the street.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either:

On May 13, another NYPD officer was arrested for plotting to invade a Manhattan apartment where he hoped to steal $900,000 in drug money. In another pending case, prosecutors in Brooklyn say officers were caught in a 2007 sting using seized drugs to reward a snitch for information. And in the Bronx, prosecutors have charged a detective with lying about a drug bust captured on a surveillance tape that contradicts her story.
Is it any wonder that police all over the world are trying to stop people from videotaping them?


12 June, 2009

Watch Kate Gosselin deny her own daughter a drink water, more than once, and, to top it all off, take a drink of water herself and the ignore her own brood once more…

And The Hatred Continues…

8 June, 2009

I’ve said it before… It takes a certain person to be a cop. Usually, its the wrong person…

From the Boing:

The CNN video shows a man standing on a street corner in Passaic, NJ. According to the story, a police car drove next to the man, and one of the officers instructed the man to zip up his sweat shirt (Apparently the police officer decided it was OK to abuse her authority to enforce her personal dress code on the man). The man complied with the request immediately and another officer jumped out of his car and ran to the man and proceeded to beat him senseless.

Imagine what officer friendly would have done to the man had he refused to zip his sweat shirt!

After the incident, police locked Holloway in a holding cell for the night and did not provide treatment for his injuries, according to Holloway’s attorney, Nancy Lucianna. Those injuries included a torn cornea and extensive bruising to the left side of his body, she said.
The Passaic Police have filed three charges against Holloway: resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and wandering for the purpose of obtaining controlled dangerous substances.

The man, 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway, is mentally challenged. His attorney says his client’s neighborhood walks are a “chief pastime.”

If that’s true then this story has accomplished something rare. I would actually get emotional over reading a printed story…

Why WWTDD Rules, Part V…

14 May, 2009

Azharuddin Ismail was one of the little kids that starred in “Slumdog Millionaire”, and the last time he on here was 5 days after the Academy Awards when his dad back in India smacked him around in front of photographers then made him go beg outside their house. And by “house” I mean, “rickety box of jagged sheet metal and plywood precariously propped up against each other”. Basically a chicken coup, but less fancy and with more exposed rusty nails than food.

But good news, because Ismail doesn’t have to live there anymore! (note – “…doesn’t have to live there anymore … because the government tore it down and now he’s homeless.”)

The 10-year-old child star of “Slumdog Millionaire” was awakened Thursday by a policeman wielding a bamboo stick and ordered out of his home. Minutes later it was bulldozed along with dozens of other shanties in the Mumbai slum he calls home.
“I was frightened,” said Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, who lost his pet kittens in the chaos.
“Where is my chicken?” he asked forlornly, picking through the shamble of broken wood and twisted metal sheeting in search of the family hen.

That was tragically sad, so I’m just gonna pretend like I didn’t read it and then it will go away. Hey look Megan Fox in Elle magazine. Ohh, interesting, that article about looking expensive without spending a fortune sure is timely. I’ve found a good way to cut costs without sacrificing style is by focusing on lesser accessories, like belts and socks.

Totally True…

5 May, 2009

And depressing…

But those are exceptions. Cleveland, one of our worst big cities, could spark a renaissance by revamping its port and nearby industrial hinterland. Once the world economy improves, it could re-emerge–building on the existing knowledge and skills of its production- and design-savvy population–as a hub for manufacturing and exports.

But right now, Cleveland does not seem to be pursuing such opportunities. As Purdue’s Ed Morrison has pointed out, local leaders there seem to “confuse real estate development with economic development.”

So Cleveland will focus on inanities such as convention business and tourism, believing we all fantasize about a week enjoying the sights along Lake Erie. Yet even high-profile buildings like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, completed in 1986, have not transformed a gritty old industrial town into a beacon for the hip and cool.

Old industrial cities like Cleveland are better off focusing on their locational advantages–access to roads, train lines and water routes–while offering a safe, inexpensive and friendly venue for ambitious young families, immigrants and entrepreneurs.


28 April, 2009

A teenager’s parents got him a Nintendo DS and this is what happened when he opened it…

This makes me afraid to buy anything from anywhere ever again…

closequoteWhen he opened it, he was pulling the seal off, my sister-in-law carries a pocket knife and she opened it and that’s when he pulled it out and it was Chinese newspaper and a bunch of rocks,” she explained.

The troubling discovery prompted the Florida woman to contact the local Wal-Mart where she bought the curious box and complain, but reportedly workers there told her it wasn’t their problem and that she should contact Nintendo instead. Of course, Nintendo told her roughly the same thing, leaving mother and son with a $138 box of rocks.

Amazingly enough, however, Wal-Mart soon caved after learning that the same box of rocks had been previously returned by another disgruntled customer. How exactly it made it back onto store shelves remains a mystery, but for her troubles, Wykle was given a full refund and a $20 gift card.

Oh My Sweet Jesus That’s Not Fair….

17 March, 2009


I don’t know how long this image will last before the daily sport notices I hotlinked, but that is some terribly wrong, however humorous, shit. Very unfortunate… What did he do to piss of God?

The Daily Sport and Sunday Sport

UPDATE: I hated looking at the image of that kid with “ARSE” spelled out on his forehead (am I the only one who sees the coincidence that he is English and it happens to spell ARSE?) with acne so I replaced it with an image of Lady GaGa… Why? Why not?