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Beady Eye.

10 November, 2010

I’m not saying its bad. I’m not saying its fucking terrific, either. At least its music. I look forward to hearing more.


Das Grottenbahn…

16 February, 2010

This is seriously trippy. From Atlas Obscura:

Advertised as a nostalgic ride for grown-up Austrians, the Linz Grottobahn is a surreal 104-year-old Disney-esque ride through the world of European fairy tales.

Built in 1906, the little Grottobahn or “cave train” takes you on a trip through Mount Storm into a world of dwarves, dragons, and – in the words of one visitor – “Christmassy-sounding music sung by spookily voiced children.”

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Liams “Gem” of the Day…

19 November, 2009

Let’s be honest here, Liam was not the creative force behind Oasis. Noel is, has been and always will be the reason Oasis did what they did and continued to be semi-relevant until their split.

On top of that, his voice is wrecked. Its pretty much gone. He ruined it in about 2001 and it hasn’t been the same since. But, of course, he’s gotta build himself up the only way he can…

”We’ve been demo-ing some songs that we’ve had about, that we’ve had for a bit. Just doing that, on the quiet, not making a big fuss about it.

”After Christmas we might go in the studio and record them and hopefully have an album out in July.

”We’ll do it in a different kind of way now. I’ll try and reconnect with a new band, new songs, and I’m feeling confident about the songs.

”I’m feeling a million per cent confident that they could be better than Oasis.”

Better than Oasis? The only way they could possibly be better is if you let Andy Bell have a larger say in them. Next to Noel, he was definitely the most technically proficient and creative of the post 90’s lineup…

Hell Yes…

7 April, 2009

I know without Ride breaking up we wouldn’t have Andy Bell playing bass for Oasis, but it does kind of suck that they did…