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For the Last Time…

10 November, 2010

Lesbians area a good thing. Jeez…

From Melbourne, Australia.

On the night of her school formal, Hannah Williams found herself all dressed up with nowhere to go.

After inviting friends to her home for ”pre-drinks”, the 16-year-old stood on her doorstep and watched her classmates file into the darkness to attend one of the highlights of the school year.

ress and went to bed.

A few weeks earlier a teacher had told the year 11 student she couldn’t attend the dance with her 15-year-old girlfriend, Savannah Supski. She was asked to bring a male instead. ”It made me very upset. I thought it was unfair so I didn’t go,” she said.

”I put a lot of effort into trying to fix things. I had meetings with principals; looked through the Equal Opportunity Act; all my friends put posters up around the school and the teachers ripped them down. There was an easy solution; they just needed to let me go with my girlfriend.”



Maybe Punks Not Dead Yet…

22 October, 2010

Keith Morris’, of the Circle Jerks, “I Don’t Belong”. This video conjures up the question of why there isn’t more politically charged punk making its way into the mainstream right now? Hell, politically charged music in general, for that matter. You’d think there’d be more kids running around with spiked hair, bad DIY dye jobs, wallet chains and a “fuck-all” attitude raising hell in the suburbs of Cincinnati or Omaha like in the 90’s. Unfortunately, though, the truth is, there isn’t. The baby boomers are resembling an attitude closer to this than the younger generations with their tea party bull shit. And, you know what? That makes me sad.

What’s up with that youth of today? (Also a great band).

Haha, You Suck Ahmadinejad…

17 June, 2009

They must just be discovering photoshop over there or something…


11 May, 2009

I’m no teetotal, and I’m definitely not huge into weed, but this interesting. The ex-drug czar has no argument. None, at all…

Today’s Noelism: 2/5/09…

5 February, 2009

Noel on going into Politics:

closequote“There will be a groundswell of public opinion sooner or later which will carry me into office. And let me tell you, I’ll only be there five years and it’ll all end in tears — but it will be a proper, proper laugh while it’s happening.”closequote

If I were a British citizen then I would vote for him…

This’ll please the conservatives…

7 January, 2009

From BoingBoing:
closequoteBased on satellite observations, the University of Illinois’ Arctic Climate Research Center reports that the amount of sea ice on the planet is the highest in 29 years, when satellite record-keeping began.

Earlier this year, predictions were rife that the North Pole could melt entirely in 2008. Instead, the Arctic ice saw a substantial recovery. Bill Chapman, a researcher with the UIUC’s Arctic Center, tells DailyTech this was due in part to colder temperatures in the region. Chapman says wind patterns have also been weaker this year. Strong winds can slow ice formation as well as forcing ice into warmer waters where it will melt. closequote


29 December, 2008

Someone posted their house for rent in DC for Obama’s inauguration on Craigslist:

“Along with my bedroom you will have access to the house’s many amenities including cable television (not that you watch much TV) for viewing Keith Olberman’s latest unhinged rants and CNN in high-def. Wireless internet means that the Huffington Post and DailyKos are only a click away on your MacBook. American flags and other patriotic paraphernalia in the room can be removed upon request.

Best of Craigslist