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Ya, That Seems Fair…

13 September, 2010

Son of Murdered Father Suspended for Having Red Eyes [From Crying]

Oh, paranoia and zero-tolerance, what would the world be like without you?


30 April, 2010

This has to be the most uplifting story I’ve ever read. I’m, also, a little jealous.

Local boy with cancer turns into a superhero for a day

Thursday was shaping up to be just another school day for 13-year-old Erik Martin, but then something extraordinary happened: Spiderman called.

Spiderman happens to be one of the few people who knows that Erik, too, has a secret identity — he’s Electron Boy, a superhero who fights the powers of evil with light.

And Spiderman needed Erik’s help.

Quite Funny.

20 April, 2010

Isn’t it part of their jobs to learn how to pronounce names properly?

Say What?

14 April, 2010

Girl claims injuries from price scanner

ERIE, Pa. — An Erie County jury has been asked to decide whether a 12-year-old girl was burned and later developed psychological problems when a convenience store clerk allegedly aimed a hand-held price scanner at her face.

Haha, Jackass…

25 August, 2009

Glenn Beck returns to Fox News Channel on Monday after a vacation with fewer companies willing to advertise on his show than when he left, part of the fallout from calling President Barack Obama a racist.

A total of 33 Fox advertisers, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint, directed that their commercials not air on Beck’s show, according to the companies and, a group that promotes political action among blacks and launched a campaign to get advertisers to
abandon him. That’s more than a dozen more than were identified a week ago.

While it’s unclear what effect, if any, this will ultimately have on Fox and Beck, it is already making advertisers skittish about hawking their wares within the most opinionated cable TV shows. The Clorox Co., a former Beck advertiser, now says that “we do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts.” The maker of bleach and household cleaners
said in a statement that it has decided not to advertise on political talk shows.

See, not everyone believes that Fox News is the best way to reach consumers… dumbass…

More Here…

Today’s Noelism: 8/24/09

24 August, 2009

Don’t feel too clever. Outrageous stomach ache. Feel like I’m coming down with summat. Bugger. Might have to get the doctor out in the morning. Hope it came out of the speakers ok. Gutted.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Oasis cancelled hours later and didn’t end up playing “tomorrow” as Liam came down with Viral Laryngitis… how ironic. Also, why didn’t Noel and Gem at least make an appearance? It would seem that Neol respects, at the very least, Liam’s presence enough to not assume that the show could go on without him…

God You’re Lame…

17 August, 2009

Perez had this to say about Michael Phelps’ car accident last week:

Turns out Michael Phelps was drinking before last Thursday’s car accident in Maryland!

Phelps downed a beer an hour and 15 minutes before the accident occurred, he admitted to police!

Baltimore police have ruled out the booze as the cause for the accident because Fishy showed “no signs of alcohol impairment.”

Although though the other driver, Amanda E. Virkus, was at fault for the collision (she ran a red light), do U think the beer may have had an impact on Phelps’ reaction time????

INTERESTINGLY enough, police did not administer Phelps any sobriety tests.

Celebrity justice!

Now, I’m all for making fun of his notorious “bong-rip” picture but insinuating that one beer consumed over an hour before driving might have impaired someone’s ability to drive is absolutely ludicrous… and a little retarded…

So Awesomely Sincere…

21 July, 2009

Way to read the cue card dumbass…

Uhh, Disgusting…

18 May, 2009

In all honesty this is the worst thing I’ve ever read. I don’t even think I should post it, but it is so outrageous I couldn’t help it… Seriously, it is wrong in every way. Just as a warning, Its a story about a man, 34, who ate his child’s eyes, 4…

after they noticed the father acting nervously and fleeing from his east Bakersfield apartment in his wheelchair. Inside, they found little Angelo naked and bleeding. Police said the boy had numerous bites to his hands and his eyes were swollen shut. Doctors said the boy’s left eye and muscle were completely missing. His other eye was mutilated beyond repair. The boy told them, “My daddy ate my eyes out.” Rodriguez said meanwhile Mendoza approached him at a neighbor’s vacant house down the street.
Rodriguez said the boy’s father wheeled himself into the front yard and asked Rodriguez to play with him and a pet dog. He was wearing boxers and a sweater.

When Rodriguez refused, Mendoza got off his wheelchair and dragged himself into a back yard, where he found an ax.

By then Mendoza had stripped naked. He chained himself to a tree in the back yard and began hacking at his leg with a pickax while yelling incoherently.

This was because of PCP. That isn’t a drug, that’s a special potion that turns humans into monsters…

Also, the puppies are there to take away the grotesque nature of the story…

The Full Article


14 April, 2009

Ya, I’d say this does change everything, assholes…

openquoteThe two teenagers who killed 13 people and themselves at suburban Denver’s Columbine High School 10 years ago next week weren’t in the “Trenchcoat Mafia,” disaffected videogamers who wore cowboy dusters. The killings ignited a national debate over bullying, but the record now shows Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hadn’t been bullied — in fact, they had bragged in diaries about picking on freshmen and “fags.”

Their rampage put schools on alert for “enemies lists” made by troubled students, but the enemies on their list had graduated from Columbine a year earlier. Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren’t on antidepressant medication and didn’t target jocks, blacks or Christians, police now say, citing the killers’ journals and witness accounts. That story about a student being shot in the head after she said she believed in God? Never happened, the FBI says now.openquote

Full Article Here

Wait, What?

9 February, 2009

closequoteThe Houston Press reports that final arguments are being held in the criminal assault trial against Dymond Milburn who was 12 years old when four Galveston police officers (David Roark, Justin Popovich, Sean Stewart, and Sgt. Gilbert Gomez) allegedly beat her up with a flashlight and threatened to shoot her puppy, while she was in her yard attending to tripped circuit breaker.

Background: One morning a couple of years ago, Dymond was in her yard, resetting a circuit breaker at the request of her mother. Four plainclothes Galveston police officers were driving by in an unmarked van, responding to a call that three white prostitutes were working Milburn’s neighborhood. The police spotted Dymond (who is black), jumped out of the van and announced that she was under arrest for prostitution. Dymond grabbed a tree and called for her father. The police officers allegedly beat Dymond so badly that she had to be hospitalized (for black eyes as well as throat and ear drum injuries).

I’m lost for words, really… Like the OP ( says, how isn’t this a national story?

Its Only Facebook, Or Is It…

29 January, 2009

From the NYTimes:

closequoteA PERSON could go mad trying to pinpoint the moment he lost a friend. So seldom does that friend make his feelings clear by sending out an e-mail alert.

It’s not just a fact of life, but also a policy on Facebook. While many trivial actions do prompt Facebook to post an alert to all your friends — adding a photo, changing your relationship status, using Fandango to buy tickets to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” — striking someone off your list simply is not one of them.

Read On…

Unfriending people on facebook is a necessity of life. But, somehow, losing that connection to someone’s personal information is sometimes hard to do. Like if, one random day, you’re wondering what someone’s relationship status is and then, magically, you realize they live a block away and you can go talk to them face to face…

Interesting job, to say the least…

24 November, 2008

Found this article from the NYT by way of

openquoteFor this, the city has enlisted six deep-sea divers who are living for more than a month in a sealed 24-foot tubular pressurized tank complete with showers, a television and a Nerf basketball hoop, breathing air that is 97.5 percent helium and 2.5 percent oxygen, so their high-pitched squeals are all but unintelligible. They leave the tank only to transfer to a diving bell that is lowered 70 stories into the earth, where they work 12-hour shifts, with each man taking a four-hour turn hacking away at concrete to expose the valve.closequote

The entire article can be found here, it is definitely something you should read:
“An Effort by Deep Sea Divers”