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Today’s Noelism…

1 February, 2010

The first interview since the split. Next to nothing about it, though…


27 January, 2010

The Courtneeners had promise. Now they sound like another Depeche Mode wannabe band that’s so “it” right now…


18 June, 2009

Watch as Britney Spears gives a shout out to London… while in Manchester…

Today’s Noelism: 6/9/09

9 June, 2009

I feel though that I must just give one final little bit of “kudos” (her word, not mine) to Angela Bernstein – a ginger whinger from the MEN who has written a couple of shitty little pieces over the last few days. In them she claimed that we – and by that I mean YOU – had no “right” to “come up here” from London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Tokyo, LA, Milan, all over the world in fact, to “her” wonderful piece of England and enjoy ourselves and leave a little bit of mud. What a joyless old husk!! Pity Mr Bernstein – I’m assuming there is one – and her beloved little dog, that’s what I say! The fact that people – young people (remember them grandma? You were probably one once) – from ALL OVER THE WORLD came to Mcr for the weekend, some for the first time, might actually not be all that bad a thing? Think of that the next time you’re bent over in “your” park wiping your little dog’s business. We probably paid for the bins you’ll be dropping his poo-poo in.


28 May, 2009

I am not too fond of newer British bands (actually, most new bands in general…), but these guys are fucking sweet. What is it with Manchester bands? They have like a 9 out of 10 chance of being good by just picking up instruments and playing randomly. That, and these guys seem to get the whole rock aesthetic thing like other Manc bands. They look like they care…

Liam: Always Interesting…

11 March, 2009

Liam did an interview with some Chinese Website. Once again, full of good quotes, but this one was great:

closequote I’m not into movements; I’m not into all that stuff. I mean Manchester when I was growing up was just a load of lads in bands and everyone down south sort of made it this Madchester thing but that had been going on for years, like with Joy Division and all these bands, you know what I mean? There’s always been bands in Manchester. So, and then we come along and it was the Brit pop thing but, I’m not into, if there is a movement I’ve got nothing to do with it, I’m not, I’m not into that, I’m just into good music by cool looking people who don’t suck cock who are honest and sincere. You know I’m not in it to be famous, you know I’m in it to make some good music and you know, if there is a movement I don’t want to anything, I’ve got nothing to do with it.closequote

Pretty cool. The media definitely tend to make things sound more like “fads” than they really are…

Today’s Noelism: Double Feature…

26 January, 2009

closequote I like doing interviews. I find myself having opinions on things I truly couldn’t care less about.closequote

closequoteMe and Cool Prophet were the last ones left at it – again! So I got left with the bar bill – which I’ve just found in my pocket. It reads as follows:

29 pints of Guinness
16 pints of Strongbow
6 pints of Jupiler (whatever the fuck that is!)
4 pints of Heineken
3 Gordon’s gin
5 Sauza Tequila
12 Bacardis
11 Vodka Stolis
14 Jameson whiskey
10 Bushmills Malt
16 bottles of Coke
7 bottles of tonic
4 7-Up

…and this is the killer: 1 glass of Port and a packet of Cheese and Onion crisps!!??

All came to a colossal €708.40. Bargain.