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Great Article…

19 January, 2010

Apple vs. Google: Why They Can’t Be Friends?


7 December, 2009

Some dude’s mac is being held for inspection by the FDA because they think its an apple, not an Apple… dur…

Another Macworld Post!

6 January, 2009

All of the other artists mentioned, save Norah Jones (sweet, sweet Norah), can suck my balls (and maybe John Fogerty) except Sting. You get to learn guitar (?) from Sting! Hey, wasn’t he a bass player? Doesn’t he get a jazz musician to play the lead parts of most of his songs? Either way, Sting rules for so many reasons… (Even though I know I could outplay him any day…)

Macworld Post!

6 January, 2009

Sheep, you’re all sheep!!!

But, seriously, I can’t wait to see the mac mini updates and perhaps more…

These people have a lot of time on their hands

26 November, 2008

(well, more than a casual blogger…)

Macuarium1Macuarium 2 has an article about people turning their old mac’s into, of all things, fricken aquariums. Seriously people.

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