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Liam’s Gem: 5/29/09

29 May, 2009


These days, all the geezers in bands wanna look like women. Like, why’s everyone in bands wearing braces? If you’re gonna wear braces, try buying a pair of jeans that fit. The worst dressed band have got to be Coldplay. What are those uniforms about? My kids have got play outfits that are better than Coldplay’s. I mean, if you’re gonna win a Grammy Award, don’t turn up looking like binmen! Disgraceful. Make a bit of effort, I say.

Liam’s Gem: 4/30/09

30 April, 2009

Liam seems to be mad at Noel for his comment that the next album will take 5 years to release…

openquoteJust landed in Peru, my kinda people, see you all tomorrow…

It won’t be a 5 year break if I’ve got anything to do with it, thanks for the support..openquote

Being Aloof Never Goes Out of Style (Liam’s Gem)…

28 April, 2009

Liam’s Gem: 4/23/09

23 April, 2009

openquoteI can’t wait to fly to Miami with a big mouth who calls himself a rockstar. I’ve had more fun with a tin of sardines…openquote

Who’s he even talking about?

Here It Is… Liams Gem: 4/21/09

21 April, 2009

openquoteNoel Gallagher, Russell Brand, fucking hell…what a pair of old housewife’s

A fifty piece choir on it…more like fifty shit guitar solo’s on it…openquote

Bring on the Oasis breakup rumors…

Liam’s Gem: 4/14/09

14 April, 2009

openquoteJust finished the Asian and South African tour. Going on safari with the Missus, if I don’t get ate by a lion I’ll see you fuckers soonopenquote

There’s a lot going on there…

Todays Liamism: 4/13/09

13 April, 2009

openquoteMany artists and bands have expressed their admiration for the band by covering their songs, including popular alternative-country act Ryan Adams, who did “Wonderwall.” But apparently, this doesn’t sit well with Gallagher.

“I don’t like that. That version was too f****n’ pansy. Chris Martin did ‘Songbird’ once and I told him, don’t ever f***n’ sing that song.”

Has he ever liked anybody else’s version of any of their songs?

“Hmm . . . No. I heard the Foo Fighters do ‘Lyla’ once. It sounded like the song was being f***ing murdered.”openquote

Barring Ryan Adams’ version of Wonderwall (fucking genius) I’m gonna have to agree…

Today’s Liamism: 3/31/09

31 March, 2009

openquoteSapporo, top beer, watched the Liverpool Match with the lads… LGopenquote

Twitter is lame as balls but thats where this comes from… Come to think of it Sapporo sucks too…

Today’s Liamism: 3/26/09

26 March, 2009

On Blur reuniting:

openquoteI’m happy that they’re back together, ‘cos then they can hopefully get rid of the Kaiser Chiefs,” he says. “Now that I’ve grown up a little bit and got wiser, I’m happy for them, to be quite honest.openquote

Gotta say I agree, the Kaiser Chiefs do suck…

Liam: Always Interesting…

11 March, 2009

Liam did an interview with some Chinese Website. Once again, full of good quotes, but this one was great:

closequote I’m not into movements; I’m not into all that stuff. I mean Manchester when I was growing up was just a load of lads in bands and everyone down south sort of made it this Madchester thing but that had been going on for years, like with Joy Division and all these bands, you know what I mean? There’s always been bands in Manchester. So, and then we come along and it was the Brit pop thing but, I’m not into, if there is a movement I’ve got nothing to do with it, I’m not, I’m not into that, I’m just into good music by cool looking people who don’t suck cock who are honest and sincere. You know I’m not in it to be famous, you know I’m in it to make some good music and you know, if there is a movement I don’t want to anything, I’ve got nothing to do with it.closequote

Pretty cool. The media definitely tend to make things sound more like “fads” than they really are…

Why The Hell Not: Today’s Liamism: 3/10/09

10 March, 2009

I want to, eventually, dig up some older gems from both of these lads one day, but for now, here’s a snippet from an interview Liam did for something in Shanghai…

closequoteHe added: “The main thing is that we both love Oasis, so that’s about it. We just do Oasis things.”

Gallagher also described his brother as “a proper c**k”, arguing that the worst thing about the guitarist is his “funny little head”.closequote

More Words from Ourkid…

18 February, 2009

Asked who should win the British album gong, Liam said: “Personally, I’d go with the Ting Tings.”

But asked who would win, Liam said: “Well who do you think? Coldplay! They win everything don’t they? They’d win the best new female act won’t they!”

Well put, and true…

Todays… Liamism!

17 February, 2009

Today’s Noelism will be replaced by a word or fifty from his little brother Liam. Liam had an interview at the Hot Desk with his wife and some other hot chick from England:

I like when she lays them out and she says:
“These… Are… Alll…

Liam: Classics…”

Good times…

P.S. Beard=cool…