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Liam Sounds Sane. For Once…

24 January, 2011

From Danger Bird Records:

“There was never any fear with Oasis,” says Liam, “You knew people were going to dig it because it was Oasis. But I’ll be honest, when the gigs come round with Beady Eye, we’ll be shitting it, because it’s a new thing. We’ve been rehearsing the live set for the last two weeks though and it’s sounding great. The template for Beady Eye is the same one we had for early Oasis. Put out a lot of great singles not on the album with great B-sides, keep it flowing. What happened with Oasis was you’d end up on an 18 month world tour and you wouldn’t have any time to put new music out. When you get big, it slows you down. When you start out fresh, it’s all about the tunes. And remember, we’re a new band, we’re not going to get above ourselves and start thinking we can play stadiums and arenas, we don’t want to jump the gun, we want to go out and do small gigs, get back into that vibe then do another album, and take it gradually, stay in the moment of being a new band.”

That sounds… level headed. Normal, intelligent, in fact. Maybe Oasis splitting really was the best thing for everyone…

This is Actually Good…

10 January, 2011

I don’t care that it’s basically a rehash of “All You Need is Love”, or any other middle-late Beatles songs for that matter. As generic as it is, this is a top tune. Maybe Beady Eye’s new album will transcend being “tolerable” and actually be good. Only the time will tell.

Also, is Andy Bell giving a throwback to his awesome specs from 1994 Glastonbury?

Liams Lost It Completely…

14 December, 2010

I don’t think he cares in the slightest about what he says in interviews anymore and, yet, instead of coming off as “devil-may-care” Liam from the good ol’ days, he comes off as a near-geriatric shell of his former self, who talks a lot and doesn’t have a lot to say.

From NME:

Liam Gallagher has told NME that he thinks Beady Eye’s debut album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ contains songs “as good as ‘Definitely Maybe’, if not better”.

I miss Noel…

Beady Eye.

10 November, 2010

I’m not saying its bad. I’m not saying its fucking terrific, either. At least its music. I look forward to hearing more.

Happy Birthday, Liam G.

20 September, 2010

Happy Birthday to Liam Gallagher, who turned 38. Old bastard…

Nice Sunglasses, Mate…

19 May, 2010

Liam Gallagher at Cannes, talking about his new fookin’ movie, mahn. In all honesty, he seems completely self aware and intent on making an actually good movie.

His new band is doing the soundtrack, though?

Liams Making a Fookin’ Movie, Mahn…

14 May, 2010

Based on the book of the same name, a word-of-mouth smash by Sixties face Richard DiLello, it’s a film about the Beatles – but like none you’ve ever seen before.

DeLillo worked for Apple Corps, the Fab Four’s corporation that they described as “an attempt at ‘Western Communism’.”

The Longest Cocktail Party has been called ‘the only book about the Beatles that’ll make you laugh’. Peppered with the hilarious and poignant details that a writer only gets from really being there, it’s Let It Be meets The Thick of It.

The film is currently set to go into production in early 2011.

Seriouisly, Liam, we know you always have the best of intentions, and you genuinely do seem to be in it for the fun of it, maybe a little for the cash, too, when it comes to your side endeavors, but maybe film isn’t the way to go. Although, most Beatles movies seem to be either corporate documentaries or crap, except maybe this, so this might be a good thing.

Oh, Man…

1 April, 2010

Liam Gallagher will make a guest appearance on the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants later this year.

The former Oasis man worked on the project, providing the voice of the Salmon King – during a recent trip to New York. His cameo is expected to air during a one-hour special this summer.

Liam’s Gem…

29 March, 2010

You snarky bastard…

Coldplay are alright but they don’t do it for me that much, they’re not rock ‘n’ roll enough man. They live all around the corner from me so I don’t want to say too much in case they come round and give me a paper cut.



25 March, 2010

Liam Gallagher was named the best front man of all time by Q magazine. Listen, I’m one of Oasis’ biggest fans, here in the states at least, (this blog should be a testament to that), but Liam? The best? I’d say the most original, but I don’t know if I can agree with “the best”.

Liam’s Gem…

5 March, 2010

The singer – whose older sibling quit the super-group last August after tensions and feuding between the pair became intolerable – believes his brother is completely over-hyped.

Discussing who he thought was the most overrated man in history, Liam told Esquire magazine: “Has to be Noel Gallagher.”

What a c*ck…

Liam’s Gem

3 December, 2009

It’s Back..

“What I will say…I dig our kid and I know he digs me, and in the future, who knows. But at the moment, no f***ing chance.”

Liams “Gem” of the Day…

19 November, 2009

Let’s be honest here, Liam was not the creative force behind Oasis. Noel is, has been and always will be the reason Oasis did what they did and continued to be semi-relevant until their split.

On top of that, his voice is wrecked. Its pretty much gone. He ruined it in about 2001 and it hasn’t been the same since. But, of course, he’s gotta build himself up the only way he can…

”We’ve been demo-ing some songs that we’ve had about, that we’ve had for a bit. Just doing that, on the quiet, not making a big fuss about it.

”After Christmas we might go in the studio and record them and hopefully have an album out in July.

”We’ll do it in a different kind of way now. I’ll try and reconnect with a new band, new songs, and I’m feeling confident about the songs.

”I’m feeling a million per cent confident that they could be better than Oasis.”

Better than Oasis? The only way they could possibly be better is if you let Andy Bell have a larger say in them. Next to Noel, he was definitely the most technically proficient and creative of the post 90’s lineup…

Liam’s Gem: 8/27/09

27 August, 2009

I am a tender, beautiful and loving guy that happens to slap a photographer now and then because they get in my way.

Liam’s Gem: 8/26/09

26 August, 2009

On the Scissor Sisters:

Bright colours and fucking weirdos on stilts? I’m more entertaining than that shit

Liam’s Gem: 8/25/09

25 August, 2009

Finally reports in smartarses column about Oasis last british gig ever. The kids talking out his arse, I mean rkids, bware of darkness. LG

And, a classic just for good times (from 05):

If I wasn’t a musician I don’t know. I’d be God, maybe? That would be a good job.

Liam’s Gem: 9/24/09

24 August, 2009

I don’t go out and get wasted. I’ve got kids and they’re getting to that age when they’re like, ‘How come you get to lie in bed all day and I’ve got to go to school?’

Liam’s Gem: 8/21/09

21 August, 2009

I’m into the girls fancying me, mad for it. Get a bit worried if boys started fancying me. I’ve got nothing against gays – as long as they don’t pinch me on the bum or whatever.

Liam’s Gem: 8/20/09

20 August, 2009

On going to concerts (other than his own):

Fuck that. What’s the point? The bands are all shit, aren’t they? Go out to socialise and have some student stand on your fucking shoes?

Liam’s Gem 8/19/09

19 August, 2009

“I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go, ‘What a good-looking fuck you are.’”

Liam’s Gem: 7/27/09

27 July, 2009

In regards to Noel’s comments…

Regarding shortarse’s comments on my behaviour at the roundhouse-Pretend rage? It’s called rock and roll darling, you wanna try it sometime!

Man period? You’ve been on since the first gig in Seattle! And as for the squares backstage, all your guests left with you Live forever.

And as for leaving the stage between songs, that’s when I go to the bar just like you fucking lot! Live forever.

Its like having both of your parents argue, its over something stupid and you can’t choose a side.

Liam’s Gem: 7/23/09

23 July, 2009

Camden Town Roundhouse, round my way it’s called passion, I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable for the last 12 months…live forever

Thanks, Dude…

20 July, 2009

We get it. Alan McGee had nothing but boatloads of compliments for “Dig Out Your Soul” in an interview:

The signs were good when I met up with the Gallagher brothers last year in Los Angeles. We discussed music and, curiously, Noel told me how much he liked Glasvegas. I was surprised that he had heard of them at that point. The evening fell into typical Oasis debauchery: hanging out with Brody Dalle and Biffy Clyro and ending up in a dub club in east LA with Oasis participating in a stage invasion. The surreal nature of being Noel Gallagher must be bizarre. Noel, at his best, writes songs about pure escapism, northern ambition and transcending class culture, all in rock’n’roll Technicolor. The question is: “What do you do when you’ve achieved all your dreams?” You return to your youth and get back to who you were.

Dig Out Your Soul works because Noel has returned to the original inspiration of his youth for his songwriting. Definitely Maybe was about their dreams of rock’n’roll stardom, Morning Glory was about achieving the dream, Be Here Now was the coked-up aftermath, now Dig Out Your Soul is a glance to a psychedelic yesterday, again. For me, the past four post-Morning Glory albums never captured the magic of the first two. Songs from the past five albums had moments of pop reverberations and incredible songwriting, but were never complete statements. With Dig Out Your Soul, the notorious Oasis brothers have found their mojo. It’s back, without a doubt.

The whole thing is here… As usual, Alan McGee is on Noel’s nutsack, but I guess I would be too if The Gallagher’s albums paid for my houses, cars, etc…


26 June, 2009

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is never one to shy away from starting a ruck. So it’s a surprise to hear that he found himself on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from none other than Britney Spears.

The pop princess got the hump with the 36-year-old Manc after he threw an all-night party at the Four Seasons hotel in Dublin, the city where both had been performing.

Brit complained that their party was too noisy and Liam was being “inconsiderate”.

Needless to say, he didn’t take much notice. We’re told: “Liam was with members of the Prodigy, along with the Appleton sisters, and decided to have a really boozy session when they got back to the hotel. They started off in the hotel’s Ice Bar and then moved on to the lobby.

As Britney entered the hotel they were being really loud and raucous, which was why she went mad. She started shouting saying that it was ridiculous that they were being so loud and inconsiderate.”

But her rant did little to stop the party — and even led to a typical Liam jibe when hotel staff intervened. Our spy added: “Liam just scoffed at her, and was overheard saying to hotel staff Britney who?’ before continuing to party. This made Britney really mad and her dad Jamie had to step in to try and sort it all out. By this time Britney had stormed off.”

The Womanizer singer, 27, trudged off to her penthouse suite so she could have more privacy. Liam was without the diplomatic influence of older brother Noel. Apparently the pair have been arguing on tour and are staying in separate hotels. A spokesman for Oasis refused to comment today.

I’d say that after Britney’s Shining Moment in Manchester the other week, she deserves it from a Manc…

He Never Disappoints, Today’s Noelism: 6/1/09…

1 June, 2009

I pride myself on having collected most Oasis B Sides and import only tracks but this one has somehow escaped me for the past few years. Its an instrumental and its a doozy…