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What the Hell is this?

21 October, 2010

I don’t know whether to get aroused or run away?


Oh Liam…

1 April, 2009


openquoteOfficials engaged in passenger profiling at the airport found the moves of Liam Gallagher (36), a resident of the United Kingdom and singer in popular Brit Rock band Oasis, suspicious and questioned him while he was coming out through the “nothing to declare” gate .

“When we questioned him, he did not admit to carrying anything. So we examined his clothing and found the fresh fish (Salmon) valued at US$147.00 (195,800 South-Korean Won) in his inside coat pockets . He had no valid document for the import of seafood or meat from the South Korean agricultural department,” a customs commissioner said.

On questioning, Mr. Gallagher told the officials a fan had given him the salmon as a gift at Tokyo airport , and that he was not aware of the import laws.openquote