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What a Tosser…

22 July, 2009

The douche bag lead singer from that band I hate and have never liked and don’t understand why other people like apparantly tried to get the crowd to boo Oasis at the iTunes festival yesterday…

Ya, you guys are really professional and classy, at least Oasis, Noel especially, can make fun of you intelligently in other outlets…

Bloc Party instigated a chorus of boos for Oasis and TV presenter Fearne Cotton during their set at the iTunes Live festival in London’s Roundhouse last night (July 21).

The London-based outfit, who have been criticised by the Manchester band in the past, took aim at Oasis, who are set to follow them at the same venue tonight (22).

Frontman Kele Okereke triggered the booing after joking about Fearne Cotton, who had been doing TV links earlier in the gig, but had been heckled herself for mentioning the Gallagher’s band.

“What was it that Fearne Cotton said?” Okereke mockingly asked the crowd. “Are we ‘looking forward to the legendary Oasis?'”