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RIP Jim Marshall…

26 March, 2010

I’m a huge fan of photography, as it was part of what I studied in high school and college, and Jim Marshall is probably one of the most influential and iconic photographers from the 20th century.

JM posted a pretty cool blog about him, its worth checking out:

one forty plus

JM’s Words of Wisdom

24 March, 2010

Nobody’s life template will ever lay evenly over yours. And in those times when they clash completely, you have to walk alone, with confidence that you’re creating your own template, made out of your own instincts and your own dreams and your own goals. And if you do it long enough, maybe someone someday will look to yours as the life to model theirs after. Of course, some people won’t agree with them. It will all depend on who they ask.

Full Entry Here(Totally Worth a Read)

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

22 March, 2010

Bring Xanax.

In response to:
I would love to live inside your head. Well, just for a day maybe…….just sayin’


15 February, 2010

I guess its true, the loneliest people are the ones who speak the truth. JM, in all seriousness, was only trying to be clever and astute in making observations on his own public image and past. To support this, here is an excerpt from an interview with the guy who interviewed John for playboy.

If it’s OK, first let me answer a related question you didn’t ask: Mayer wasn’t “drunk” during the interview, as many people have written and presumed. Toward the end of our first interview, at his home outside L.A., we each had a “British pour,” maybe two ounces of Scotch. We met again a week later, for lunch in Brooklyn, and that’s when he discussed the idea of a “hood pass.” We weren’t drinking at lunch. He was sober.

In most cases, I didn’t have to bring up a sensitive topic because he beat me to it. He knows interviewers are going to ask these questions, so he brings them up voluntarily. It’s a candid approach. He mentioned Jennifer Aniston before I did; he mentioned Jessica Simpson before I did; he used the word “douchebag” before I did. Since childhood, he’s spent a lot of time inside his own head — that was one of the themes of our interview — and yes, it seemed as though he’d considered these matters before. Whatever I asked him, he seemed to have already asked himself. Ruth Shalit was very articulate about this when she profiled him: Ruth wrote, “Mayer takes self-awareness to new postmodern heights,” like a football player who provides “color commentary on his own career.”

Notice how I emphasize the word “excerpt”. This is because this is a snippet from a longer interview about the subject, unlike what most people have done over the weekend which is to generalize and call it verbatim.
John MAyer: The Writer Behind the Interview blah blah blah…

JM’s Words of Wisdom… Upated

10 February, 2010

This is why he is my idol and my hero and have been since I was in high school 8 years ago:

“If I have a conversation with a really hot girl that lasts all night and she says, “Wow, I had no idea I was going to like you this much,” that is the equivalent, for me, of getting laid.”

Once again, the words could have just as easily been taken out of my mouth…

Had to throw this one in as well:
[In reference to sex]Yeah. What that explains is that I’m more comfortable in my imagination than I am in actual human discovery. The best days of my life are when I’ve dreamed about a sexual encounter with someone I’ve already been with. When that happens, I cannot lay off myself.

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

2 February, 2010

“Do you want Firefox to remember this password?” No. In fact, I don’t want it remembering anything I make it do.”

Awesome photo…

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

21 January, 2010

Good interview from the Netherlands.

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

28 December, 2009

Life ain’t a fairy tale, it’s a documentary.

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

14 December, 2009

That’s Handy…

4 December, 2009

This Article about “How To Tell if You Are Being Boring” is awesome. I wish I could take it around with me and give it to people who tell stupid stories… or, you know, for myself… I guess.

But once you’re talking, how do you know if the other person is interested in your conversation – or not? One challenge is that the more socially adept a person is, the better he or she is at hiding boredom. It’s a rare person, however, who can truly look fascinated while bored.

I added JM because this song struck a chord with me when I was a senior in high school, it made me realize how much I put my foot in my mouth and tell dumb stories… which I still do to this day despite my best efforts…

JM’s Words of Wisdom

3 December, 2009

For all the times we punish ourselves, very few times have we actually done something wrong.

JM’s Words of Wisdom

2 December, 2009

Fact: 54 percent of all requests for Diet Cokes at restaurants go unheeded.


25 November, 2009

This is the first review of Battle Studies to say what I’ve been thinking. JM’s my hero and he probably always will be, but even I can draw some interesting parallels between him and Clapton. There’s nothing wrong with this, obviously, I’m just saying that he seems to be taking all of his cues, whether intentionally or not, from him.

John Mayer is obviously going through a “Backless” phase. In 1979, Eric Clapton released an album called “Backless” which shifted him from the guitar hero (“God,” if you will) to the more laidback singer/songwriter, causing a universal frown from six-string enthusiasts everywhere. With the release of “Battle Studies,” Mayer treads a similar path with a collection of songs that focus on melody over fretwork.

If the thought of a more pop-oriented angle leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this probably isn’t the Mayer album for you. One foot is firmly planted in the adult contemporary genre, especially when pop princess Taylor Swift provides background vocals on “Half of My Heart.” It’s not a bad song by any means, just a bit light for a young guy that’s played alongside artists like B.B. King and Slowhand himself.

Full Article

JM’s Words of Wisdom

23 November, 2009

I’m currently on drink 5. You know, that drink that takes you from “cunning ladykiller” to “your funny friend.”

JM’s Words of Wisdom

2 November, 2009

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 10/13/09

13 October, 2009

You know, parents may ask you “please stay and fix the printer and the cable box,” but what they really mean to ask is “please stay.”

Too true, man, too true…

PS. First post in over a month and a half!

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 9/9/9…

9 September, 2009

Rule of law: if you tell me within two minutes of meeting me that you are “real,” you are in fact not. But neat dress.

It’s Fashion Week in NYC. Where are all the Talbot’s models hanging out?

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 9/8/09

8 September, 2009

I’m a little hung over. Don’t get me wrong, I could still save Nakatomi Plaza if I had to.

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 9/2/09

2 September, 2009

Entering art design phase for the record. Maybe my favorite part. When I’m not recording I’m in full-on Adobe CS4 bliss.

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/31/09

31 August, 2009

What makes me a rockstar, you ask? I go out, tie a few on, and then return home to hit the NYT Sunday puzzle. Let’s DO THIS!!!!!

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/27/09

27 August, 2009

I like to check iTunes every week to see if I’m featured on a celebrity’s playlist. When I’m not, I spread vicious internet lies about them.

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/26/09

26 August, 2009

Sometimes when I see an e-mail in the dead of night I think it’s her and she’s changed her mind. But it’s always my X-Box newsletter.

Also, I have joked about JM stealing my life on more than one occasion, now it is getting annoying… I always rant to people about the joys of microwavable White Castle:

Who says I can’t eat microwavable White Castle burgers?

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/25/09

25 August, 2009

I was just thinking, it’s so great to be out of schooling. No more people bullying each other, bringing one another dow- oh, wait.

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/24/09

24 August, 2009

Why are some bottled fruit drinks filled so high that they inevitably splash on you when you open them? I need an acceptable miniscus.

It’s not loneliness. It’s called “solitary refinement.”

JM’s Words of Wisdom: 8/21/09

21 August, 2009

Comedy’s moved from making the audience say “that person has upended my understanding of an idea” to “that person mentioned a thing I know!”