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Blood on My Netflix DVD Part II

4 November, 2010

Here’s a close up.

Blood on My Netflix DVD?

4 November, 2010

I like blood and guts in my movies, not on them…

Does that look like blood on the sleeve holding my Netflix disk? If it is, WTF? Also, how do I submit a complaint about it, it doesn’t seem to be an option under any of these subjects:

Holy Shit…

5 April, 2010

Its Real, Indeed…


8 December, 2009

Everything about this is true…

8 January, 2009


This is why WWTDD is the greatest celebrity blog ever. period. Seriously:

closequoteDo plastic surgeons take that Hippocratic oath pledging to do no harm to their patients? Because whoever has been working on Nikki Cox needs to look himself in the mirror and do some soul searching. She should use the plastic surgeon I go to. You can’t even see the scars from my penis reduction surgery. I can ride a bike again!

(on a side note, why isn’t Jay Mohr a huge star? That dude is fucking hilarious. “Action” is still tied with “Andy Richter Controls The Universe” in the category of Greatest Show No One Ever Watched And I Hate You For It. picture source = bauer griffin, by the way.)


Remember when Nikki Cox was on that cool show with Eric Murphy from Entourage? Ya, that was cool. I remember they made a joke about calling the library a “liberry,” I’ve been passing that as my own joke for years… the truth comes out… *sigh*

Also, Action is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.