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Liam’s Gem…

5 March, 2010

The singer – whose older sibling quit the super-group last August after tensions and feuding between the pair became intolerable – believes his brother is completely over-hyped.

Discussing who he thought was the most overrated man in history, Liam told Esquire magazine: “Has to be Noel Gallagher.”

What a c*ck…

Liam’s Gem: 8/27/09

27 August, 2009

I am a tender, beautiful and loving guy that happens to slap a photographer now and then because they get in my way.

Liam’s Gem: 8/25/09

25 August, 2009

Finally reports in smartarses column about Oasis last british gig ever. The kids talking out his arse, I mean rkids, bware of darkness. LG

And, a classic just for good times (from 05):

If I wasn’t a musician I don’t know. I’d be God, maybe? That would be a good job.

Liam’s Gem: 9/24/09

24 August, 2009

I don’t go out and get wasted. I’ve got kids and they’re getting to that age when they’re like, ‘How come you get to lie in bed all day and I’ve got to go to school?’

Liam’s Gem: 8/21/09

21 August, 2009

I’m into the girls fancying me, mad for it. Get a bit worried if boys started fancying me. I’ve got nothing against gays – as long as they don’t pinch me on the bum or whatever.

Liam’s Gem: 8/20/09

20 August, 2009

On going to concerts (other than his own):

Fuck that. What’s the point? The bands are all shit, aren’t they? Go out to socialise and have some student stand on your fucking shoes?

Liam’s Gem 8/19/09

19 August, 2009

“I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go, ‘What a good-looking fuck you are.’”

Liam’s Gem: 7/27/09

27 July, 2009

In regards to Noel’s comments…

Regarding shortarse’s comments on my behaviour at the roundhouse-Pretend rage? It’s called rock and roll darling, you wanna try it sometime!

Man period? You’ve been on since the first gig in Seattle! And as for the squares backstage, all your guests left with you Live forever.

And as for leaving the stage between songs, that’s when I go to the bar just like you fucking lot! Live forever.

Its like having both of your parents argue, its over something stupid and you can’t choose a side.

Liam’s Gem: 7/23/09

23 July, 2009

Camden Town Roundhouse, round my way it’s called passion, I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable for the last 12 months…live forever

Liam’s Gem: 7/6/09

6 July, 2009

Evening pop pickers, Roskilde, it takes a lot to put me in a God mood and each and everyone of you did it, take care, Live Forever…

Liam’s Gem: 5/29/09

29 May, 2009


These days, all the geezers in bands wanna look like women. Like, why’s everyone in bands wearing braces? If you’re gonna wear braces, try buying a pair of jeans that fit. The worst dressed band have got to be Coldplay. What are those uniforms about? My kids have got play outfits that are better than Coldplay’s. I mean, if you’re gonna win a Grammy Award, don’t turn up looking like binmen! Disgraceful. Make a bit of effort, I say.

Liam’s Gem of the Day: 5/20/09

20 May, 2009

Having read an interview with Tom Clarke from The Enemy apparently Oasis are past it? Do you want to go on 1st or what you little fucker?

The douche from The Enemy does know that Indie bands are a dime a dozen and no one knows who they are outside of the UK, right?

Liam’s Gem: 5/5/09

5 May, 2009

Liam’s rebuttle to Noel’s comments yesterday…

In Chile, Gem Andy Chris and J, treated the lads to an impromptu gig in the bar, AMAZING! Don’t know what tour your on RKID…

Liam’s Gem: 4/30/09

30 April, 2009

Liam seems to be mad at Noel for his comment that the next album will take 5 years to release…

openquoteJust landed in Peru, my kinda people, see you all tomorrow…

It won’t be a 5 year break if I’ve got anything to do with it, thanks for the support..openquote

Here It Is… Liams Gem: 4/21/09

21 April, 2009

openquoteNoel Gallagher, Russell Brand, fucking hell…what a pair of old housewife’s

A fifty piece choir on it…more like fifty shit guitar solo’s on it…openquote

Bring on the Oasis breakup rumors…

Today’s Noelism and Liams Gem: 4/20/09

20 April, 2009

Wibbling Rivalry is the mecca for any quote from Liam or Noel. Pure gold and now its even better.