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Haha, Stupid Hipsters.

25 August, 2010

This is from the beer menu at one of my favorite local haunts, Rocks. Its always been sarcastic, but this was a great addition to the menu.

Ya, That Makes Sense… Part XXVII…

22 June, 2010

The Center for Science in the Public Interest says they’re going to sue McDonalds for using the toys in Happy Meals as a way to turn “children into an unpaid drone army of word-of-mouth marketers, causing them to nag their parents to bring them to McDonald’s”.

You mean, like every other toy, food or product ever made since the 1940s targeted at children. Its up to the parent to say no, for christ’s sake. Its not hard. Allow me to demonstrate”

Child: Mom, I want a happy meal, they have Justin Bieber toys that make him look even more like a lesbian/over privileged douche-in-training. Please, can we go?
Mom: No, I’m already making dinner and we ate at McDonalds two weeks ago, we can’t eat there all the time.
Child: But I want to! I’ll hate you forever if we can’t go.
Mom: Tough shit, kid. I’m in charge and I said no, you’ll thank me when you’re not a fat waste of life in 10 years. Now go outside and play until I tell you its time to eat.

Was that so hard?

The rest of the article here.

More Food…

28 April, 2010

I’ve been trying to make simple recipes really well lately and was trying for the perfect, inexpensive and simple pasta dish last night. I’m getting closer but don’t think I’ve nailed it yet.

I took fresh tomatoes and blanched them, then peeled them and put them, with salt and pepper, in a covered pot on medium-low heat for an hour or so. Then took a potato masher and mashed them. In another pot I took some olive oil, garlic, basil and crushed red pepper and let that simmer at low heat for 20 minutes or so.

After I mashed the tomatoes and took out the basil leaves and then added the rest of the olive oil to the tomatoes and stirred, recovered and let it simmer at low heat for 10 minutes or so. Then, boiled the pasta.

In a saucepan I added butter, some of the pasta water, the pasta and the tomato sauce and sautéed for a minute. Then plated it all with some sliced basil and some more crushed red pepper.

I used too much olive oil and canned tomatoes (already peeled, I figured why not) so I don’t think looked right. It tasted good, but it can be perfected still.

Birthday Waffles…

28 April, 2010

I made the GF some belgian waffles with fresh whipped cream and blackberries for her birthday breakfast. I just used Alton Brown’s recipe and made a few additions/subtractions to get it tasting right. Alton is a great resource for simple recipes.

They were great, coupled with fresh coffee made with my new single cup coffee maker.

Tastes Like Chicken…

22 April, 2010

I made a very simple roasted chicken last night. I also discovered my own way of holding the legs in place by cutting holes in the skin and overlapping the legs as i slid them through. I don’t need no butchers twine…

Salt, pepper, Olive Oil and half a lemon, partially squeezed over the skin and then put inside the cavity. Baked for an hour @ 425. Perfect.

Hey Man, You Want Some EVOO?

22 April, 2010

Keep it on the downlow, man. Be cool…

Who would have thought that with all of this talk about keeping things local and the burgeoning food renaissance that is happening here that the problem is universal, and international to boot…

Slippery Business: The Trade in Adulterated Olive Oil.

Salt & Fat

20 April, 2010

This is seriously the greatest food blog I’ve ever read, for too many reasons to describe. The best parts, they talk about using left over chicken (something I do as well) and they pair things with beer without coming off in a “hoity toity not really a beer fan but I think I know about beer because of that time I went to a beer tasting and I like Stella Artois” kind of way.

Salt & Fat


5 January, 2010

Suicide Food Blog is exactly what its name implies, and its quite interesting.

My Glorious Bounty…

9 July, 2009


Behold, what $8.48 will buy you at White Castle, in other words, awesomest lunch adventure ever…

Dude, We Know…

29 April, 2009

And its disturbing, but what are you gonna do? Nothing ever changes…