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Blood on My Netflix DVD Part II

4 November, 2010

Here’s a close up.

Blood on My Netflix DVD?

4 November, 2010

I like blood and guts in my movies, not on them…

Does that look like blood on the sleeve holding my Netflix disk? If it is, WTF? Also, how do I submit a complaint about it, it doesn’t seem to be an option under any of these subjects:

Can Advertising be Art?

9 September, 2010

Based on this ad by Guy Ritchie and starring Jude Law and some hot chick, for Dior, I’m going with no. But it can be cool. However, this Dior ad is no where near as cool as this ad:

Walking Dead…

25 August, 2010

This is the new trailer for “The Walking Dead” from Frank Darabond, dude who directed Shawshank Redemption. Am I the only one getting a 28 Days Later vibe from the first half of the trailer? I’m not saying its a total rip off, its from a graphic novel, but 28 Days Later did this concept perfectly 8 years ago. Regardless, I will be watching the premier on AMC on Halloween. Scratch that, I’ll be watching it the next day with a hangover.

This Looks Great…

27 July, 2010

This looks like someone reached into a 16 year olds’ imagination and made a movie out of what they found.

Bechdel Test…

22 July, 2010

I’m not disagreeing or anything, but all of the Bourne movies do pass this test… just saying…

Pretty Cool…

12 July, 2010

This is a fan made trailer for the upcoming Stallone, Statham, Schwarzeneggar, Li, Lundgren, Couture, Austin, Rourke, Willis, Crews vehicle the Expendables that’s coming out this August. Its pretty funny, very well cut, and a little too “man-nerdy” for me (I’m coining that term). I think it raises a good point about the state of American “cinema” currently. Also, anything starring Charisma Carpentar deserves an oscar IMHO, if she’s not wearing clothes it deserves the Nobel Prize (yes, even a violent movie like this would deserve one).

“Its a female Shawshank Redemption, directed by Michael Bay!”

7 July, 2010

This is classic. As a huge fan of the Vampire Lesbian movement of the sixties, I must say, this is awesome.

Nice Sunglasses, Mate…

19 May, 2010

Liam Gallagher at Cannes, talking about his new fookin’ movie, mahn. In all honesty, he seems completely self aware and intent on making an actually good movie.

His new band is doing the soundtrack, though?

What a Trip…

3 May, 2010


20 April, 2010

The Goofy Movie was never really my thing, but this is still pretty cool. I feel like a lot of the shots were way too tight, but thats just me…

This Movie Will be Great…

14 April, 2010

Russell Brand has said his latest film role has been inspired by the likes of Liam and Noel Gallagher, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Morrissey.

The comic is currently filming for Get Him To The Greek, which sees him reprise his character Aldous Snow from 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

In the new film, Snow fronts a band called Infant Sorrow, and when he was asked whether any musicians had inspired the role, he replied: “Lots. Jagger, Keith Richards, Bowie, Morrissey, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher. I’m friendly with some musicians so I’m able to watch them. They’re very different from comedians. They’re rude – at the least the ones I know. They’re so self-assured.”

To be honest I wasn’t that excited for this movie when I saw the trailer, but after considering how close Brand is with a lot of my heroes, maybe his performance will be pretty authentic.


Not Really a Shocker…

15 January, 2010

So, No Distance Left To Run, a film about Blur, premiered last night and I have to say I’m genuinely perplexed as to why films can’t be released in other countries at the same time still. I mean, we live in the year 2010 and I still can’t get my hands on District B 13: Ultimatum or this movie?

I went to school for film, I understand the business end of it all, etc. but, come one!

Anyway, apparently Damon Albarn finally revealed why they released Country House at the same time as Roll With It.

Blur clear up one old mystery – saying it was Damon’s decision to release single Country House against Roll With It by Oasis.

The biggest chart battle of the decade became the defining moment of Brit pop – and Blur got the No1.

Damon says he did it to get back at Noel Gallagher. He recalled: “Noel used to take the p*** out of me constantly and it really, really hurt at the time. Oasis were like the bullies I had to put up with at school.”

Alright, Agreement…

16 December, 2009

This poor thing never saw it coming…

Someone agrees with my thoughts on anyone trying to adapt the Polar Express and, hey, its the dudes from MST3K!

Kevin Murphy: I’ll just start the bidding with the entire Robert Zemeckis Christmas movie library. [A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express.] He’s really tried, with his dead, doll-like eye animation that he does, to destroy Christmas for children all over the world.

Mike Nelson: Smack dab in the middle of the uncanny valley, aren’t they? You just don’t know whether to scream or be delighted.

KM: Just to warm myself up for seeing [A Christmas Carol], just to amp up my hate a little bit, I watched the Christmastown/Nuremberg-rally scene in Polar Express. The end, when the elves are marching in formation, and Hitler—oh, I’m sorry, Santa—comes out…

Bill Corbett: [Laughs.] Hitler Claus!

Split Second Review: Franklyn

1 December, 2009

Split Second Reviews are something I do for myself because I obsessively associate things to other things, such as movies to other movies. Ergo a Split Second Review is either a phrase or short sentence explaining a film by comparing it to others. Here’s my SSR of Franklyn starring Ryan Phillipe:

Watchmen plus Dark City divided by The Dreamers equals Franklyn.

Iron Man and War Machine…

1 December, 2009


Aww, Not Cool, God…

30 October, 2009

Dennis Hopper’s publicist has officially confirmed (is that redundant? Yes, i think it is) that he is suffering from prostate cancer. This is not cool, hopefully Dennis will creep the shit out of the cancer and scare it away…

Dude, What the Hell?

6 August, 2009


Totally True…

29 July, 2009

I just watched a movie called Definitely, Maybe (I’m big on movies that are a couple years old for some reason, lately) and I thought it was going suck huge balls… and it didn’t. It was good, not Oscar-worthy good (not that that means anything anyway…) but enjoyable, different, interesting and entertaining. Not to mention it was well shot and acted.

Here’s a snippet of a good review from BDK:

I am totally guilty. You can throw me in a court room and convict me because I am totally and completely guilty of thinking this movie was going to be the same old romantic comedy BS that we have been seeing for years. I saw one trailer for the movie and found out that it was coming out on Valentine’s Day and automatically pigeon held the film to a crappy romantic comedy. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the stellar cast and the amazingly clever dialogue and story. I know that most of the people who hear my reviews are going to be men; considering I do reviews for the Junkies and most of our audience is men. Let me tell you though; don’t let this movie shy you away because of its mediocre trailers. I remember seeing a TV trailer for it and there was a quote from a critic and he said that this was the best romantic comedy he had seen since ANNIE HALL. I almost jumped out of the window because I hold Woody Allen in high regards and Annie Hall is definitely one of the best romantic comedies of all time. Definitely, Maybe is definitely NOT ANYWHERE NEAR as good as Woody Allen’s film but it is safe to say that it is one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long time. Definitely, Maybe stars Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity), Isla Fisher (Hot Rod, Wedding Crashers), Abigail Breslin (No Reservations, Little Miss Sunshine), Kevin Kline (In and Out), Rachel Weiscz (The Constant Gardner, The Fountain—married to my boy Darren Aronofsky, director of Requiem For a Dream, Pi) and Derek Luke (Catch a Fire)…

…Overall, this is the perfect romantic comedy that leaves most of the clichés out. One thing I hate is when all these romantic comedies just run with the clichés and the montages. The writers did a great job keeping the film intense and leaving the audience guessing. Now, this is not giving anything away, but one of my favorite things about the film was how it ended. That is one reason why I really liked The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. It ended in non-cliché way; in the same vein as Casablanca. I am not saying that Definitely, Maybe has a similar ending. I am just saying it did not end all cliché like every other romantic comedy does.

I really enjoyed the clever dialogue and banter between Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin. They did an excellent job together on screen. They are both good actors and I hope to see more from both of them soon.

I feel that the film is the perfect matinee film, hence the 4 BDK rating. They actually are releasing a good romantic comedy on Valentine’s Day. This is good because guys do not have to suffer because their girlfriends want to see a romantic comedy. This movie will make you laugh and in my case get teary eyed. You can call me gay all you want but we all have an emotional side and guys can show that too…

The trailers definitely don’t do it any justice, it makes it look like the crappy romantic comedy I thought it would be. Completely different in my opinion. Most of the critics seem to agree as well

So True…

28 July, 2009

The ending literally made me want to crap myself it was so bad, it was like the brown note of bad endings…

I’m a huge fan of French Cinema and, although, Amelie may be seen by some as not the greatest film in the world, I love it. Its definitely one of my favorites and I can watch over and over and not get bored of it.

When I rented Jeux D’enfants aka Love Me If You Dare I was expecting something similar and something cool. Sweet Jesus was I wrong, this review perfectly describes the movie:

…Julien and Sophie are troubled kids—Julien because his mother is terminally ill, Sophie because her family is poor and she’s teased for being a “dirty pole-ack” at school. On a dare from Sophie, Julien disengages the parking brake on the school bus, causing it to roll down the street. So the game of dares begins. Julien dares Sophie to curse at the teacher. Sophie dares Julien to take a piss in the principal’s office—in front of the principal. Whatever one dares, the other must do. The school separates Sophie and Julien, but their discipline problems continue to escalate, amid various Garden of Eden flights of fancy and Alice in Wonderland references. At her sister’s wedding, Sophie dares Julien to say no at the altar if he ever decides to get married. (Gee, wonder if that will ever come up again.) Then they destroy the wedding cake, jettisoning any remaining sympathy the audience might feel for these incorrigible delinquents. (Poverty and terminally ill mothers can only excuse so much.)

It doesn’t help doesn’t help that the two kids (Thibault Verhaeghe and Joséphine Lebas-Joly) are terrible actors whose facial contortions are painful to watch. Moreover, it’s obvious the children’s roles have been written by adults—especially in such dead giveaways as Sophie’s comment during a game of “I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours”—“That’s why men earn more than women?” And again, when Julien goes to kiss Sophie, she says, “It’s easier to just be friends.” Oh, how blasé and worldly French children are!

Julien’s mother (Emmanuelle Grönvold) dies. Though Julien’s dad (Gérard Watkins) hates Sophie, he swallows his pride and asks her to sleep over for the boy’s sake that night. They sleep in Julien’s bed—platonically, of course, lying with their feet in opposite directions. The bizarre transition that follows is emblematic of everything that’s wrong with this excruciating film.

They sleep for ten years—or so Julien says—and wake up in the same bed as adults (now played by Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard) in the exact same positions. Samuell has given no thought to what this scene means narratively. Are they now lovers? No. Are they sharing an apartment? No, Julien is still living with his father, who has apparently permitted Sophie to stay the night, even though we later learn that he despises Sophie intensely. So, are they in the habit of having friendly sleepovers? No, it doesn’t happen again. What the hell does Julien and Sophie waking up in the same bed ten years later mean? It means nothing. Samuell obviously just thought it was a clever transition, ignoring all possible cinematic implications of putting such a scene in his story.

Anyway, Julien and Sophie are physically adults, but they haven’t changed one bit, except that now their game of dares can do a lot more damage than when they were children. For example, Julien has sex with another girl in a bathroom, and persuades her to give up her earrings so he can give them to Sophie. After fooling around with a Dangerous Liaisons -type of story, Samuell moves briefly into My Best Friend’s Wedding territory, and then skips ahead several more years, when Julien and Sophie’s behavior with their respective spouses becomes so appalling that you will be immediately cured of any empathy you might somehow still have felt for these characters.

The deeper into Love Me If You Dare we get, the less sense it makes. Julien and Sophie are totally obsessed with each other from the time they are children, and the sexual tension between them as adults palpable. Yet Samuell expects us to believe that, even though they have known each other forever, a series of miscommunications and petty resentments prevents them from consummating their relationship. Sophie and Julien fight for unclear reasons and create obstacles for themselves out of thin air.

There’s exactly one cool moment in the film: Julien describes the dreariness of his life at 35, concluding that being an adult is like having “a speedometer up to 210 and never going over 60.” However, this colorful monologue is the flimsy basis for all the inexcusable behavior that follows, for which the only possible explanation can be clinical insanity.

The ending, consisting of “the dare of dares,” makes no sense unless you pay close attention to the opening monologue. If you do, you will be rewarded with an ending that… well… still makes no sense. Julien and Sophie’s relationship is a concoction that contains nothing recognizable from the lives of real people and no recognizable truth. The emotions are false. The melodrama is hollow. The movie is bullshit.

Review © May 2004 by AboutFilm.Com and the author.

The ending literally made me want to crap myself it was so bad, it was like the brown note of bad endings…


8 July, 2009

Mike Feuerstein has a real role… and he plays a real jew…

This is Cool…

18 May, 2009

After that last post I’ve decided I’m never reading the news again…

Anyway, I found this video of a car being assembled that Chrysler showed at the World’s Fair. In 3D. In 1939.

Why WWTDD Rules, Part V…

14 May, 2009

Azharuddin Ismail was one of the little kids that starred in “Slumdog Millionaire”, and the last time he on here was 5 days after the Academy Awards when his dad back in India smacked him around in front of photographers then made him go beg outside their house. And by “house” I mean, “rickety box of jagged sheet metal and plywood precariously propped up against each other”. Basically a chicken coup, but less fancy and with more exposed rusty nails than food.

But good news, because Ismail doesn’t have to live there anymore! (note – “…doesn’t have to live there anymore … because the government tore it down and now he’s homeless.”)

The 10-year-old child star of “Slumdog Millionaire” was awakened Thursday by a policeman wielding a bamboo stick and ordered out of his home. Minutes later it was bulldozed along with dozens of other shanties in the Mumbai slum he calls home.
“I was frightened,” said Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, who lost his pet kittens in the chaos.
“Where is my chicken?” he asked forlornly, picking through the shamble of broken wood and twisted metal sheeting in search of the family hen.

That was tragically sad, so I’m just gonna pretend like I didn’t read it and then it will go away. Hey look Megan Fox in Elle magazine. Ohh, interesting, that article about looking expensive without spending a fortune sure is timely. I’ve found a good way to cut costs without sacrificing style is by focusing on lesser accessories, like belts and socks.

Hahaha, Priceless…

12 May, 2009

Simply put, this is awesome…

PS, who’s Deborah Gibson?

I’ll Watch It…

7 May, 2009