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Kittehs: 1, Cops: -Infinity

19 November, 2009

That’s priceless…

Policemen Suck, Part XXVII…

31 July, 2009

From Autoblog:

This is just… well, decide for yourselves. A Hollywood, Florida police officer rams into the back of a woman’s car. Three other cops arrive on the scene and they concoct a fictional story about a cat jumping out of a car, and the officer thinking it’s a pedestrian, thereby causing the accident. They then pinned a DUI charge on the woman. The cops even went so far as to change the angle of the pictures to make it look like the woman swerved in front of the police car. And it gets worse from there — and it’s all caught on the video. One of the officers says on tape (NSFW language), “I don’t lie and make things up ever because it’s wrong, but if I need to bend it a little bit to protect a cop, I’ll do it — She’s freaking hammered anyway.”

All charges have been dropped against the woman by the Broward State Attorney’s Office and all four officers are now on administrative duty pending the completion of the investigation. To paraphrase Dave Barry, only in South Florida.

Is it really necessary for me to supply commentary to these stories anymore or should I keep going on my rant about how much policemen in this country (and most countries for that matter) are no good. Or ho it takes a certain type of personality to become a police officer and the people who are police officers don’t have the right one? No? I didn’t think I had to…

These cops are fucking terrible people… actually I don’t think they can be called people, really…

Hey, Waddia Know?

15 June, 2009

Undercover NYPD offices in New York arrested brothers Jose and Maximo Colon for selling cocaine in a night club. The men would almost certainly be serving lengthy prison sentences if it weren’t for the fact that a surveillance video camera in the nightclub shows that the police made the whole thing up.

Paperwork signed by “UC 13200” — Officer Henry Tavarez — claimed that he told a patron he wanted to buy cocaine. By his account, that man responded by approaching the 28-year-old Max, who then went over to the undercover and demanded to pat him down to make sure he wasn’t wearing a wire.

Max collected $100 from Tavarez, the report said. The officer claimed to see two bags of cocaine pass through the hands of three men, including Jose, before they were given to him.


What the tape doesn’t show is striking: At no point did the officers interact with the undercovers, nor did the brothers appear to be involved in a drug deal with anyone else. Adding insult to injury, an outside camera taped the undercovers literally dancing down the street.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either:

On May 13, another NYPD officer was arrested for plotting to invade a Manhattan apartment where he hoped to steal $900,000 in drug money. In another pending case, prosecutors in Brooklyn say officers were caught in a 2007 sting using seized drugs to reward a snitch for information. And in the Bronx, prosecutors have charged a detective with lying about a drug bust captured on a surveillance tape that contradicts her story.
Is it any wonder that police all over the world are trying to stop people from videotaping them?

It Just Keeps on Going…

15 June, 2009

Recently I told you about a horrifying incident in which an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper interrupted an elderly patient’s hospital run and choked the paramedic on duty in the ambulance.

Fox 23 in Tulsa had had a Freedom of Information request in for the dash cam for more than two weeks. Late last night, the OHP finally stopped stonewalling and released the trooper’s video dash cam.

It’s not pretty. And, a warning–there is totally unacceptable language for a family setting.

Let me walk it down for you. An ambulance, with Maurice White acting as supervisor and paramedic, is taking an elderly woman, who had collapsed, to the hospital for treatment. Her worried family follows.

Trooper Daniel Martin, who was responding to a stolen car report, came up behind the ambulance on a two-lane country road. In Oklahoma, those shoulders are notoriously tricky for even a car to pull off onto…

This is… disgusting… absolutely terrible. But, honestly, I’m not really surprised… He repeatedly says, “I’ve got a patient in here.” This is the 5th entry I’ve had about shitty copes in as many months…

And The Hatred Continues…

8 June, 2009

I’ve said it before… It takes a certain person to be a cop. Usually, its the wrong person…

From the Boing:

The CNN video shows a man standing on a street corner in Passaic, NJ. According to the story, a police car drove next to the man, and one of the officers instructed the man to zip up his sweat shirt (Apparently the police officer decided it was OK to abuse her authority to enforce her personal dress code on the man). The man complied with the request immediately and another officer jumped out of his car and ran to the man and proceeded to beat him senseless.

Imagine what officer friendly would have done to the man had he refused to zip his sweat shirt!

After the incident, police locked Holloway in a holding cell for the night and did not provide treatment for his injuries, according to Holloway’s attorney, Nancy Lucianna. Those injuries included a torn cornea and extensive bruising to the left side of his body, she said.
The Passaic Police have filed three charges against Holloway: resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and wandering for the purpose of obtaining controlled dangerous substances.

The man, 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway, is mentally challenged. His attorney says his client’s neighborhood walks are a “chief pastime.”

If that’s true then this story has accomplished something rare. I would actually get emotional over reading a printed story…

My Alma Mater (Now with Video)…

11 May, 2009

At about 1:00 minute a couch is added to the melee…

How Neighborly…

5 May, 2009

Mansfield woman says Arlington officer offered her possessions on Craigslist without her consent

Sherry Johnson Huwitt was standing at her kitchen window in her bathrobe shortly before dawn a couple of weeks ago when two strangers pulled up and started loading the portable basketball goal from the side of her house into a truck.

When the Mansfield woman ran outside to confront them, they said they weren’t stealing because the item was offered for the taking on Craigslist.

“What the hell is Craigslist?” she asked.

Huwitt had never heard of the advertising Web site and hadn’t posted any such ad. Someone else did: Free basket ball goal and tether ball pole. At dead end of roadway beside my home…(address) dont knock its placed out there for you to come get. will delete when gone. thanks.

This is Absolutely Ridiculous…

4 May, 2009

Holy shit, this is ridiculous. Absolutely terrible. SEND THIS TO ANYONE YOU KNOW!

openquoteIn Lincoln Park, Calif. Michigan, a 17-year-old called 911 when her father (recovering at home from brain surgery) had a seizure. Her first call didn’t go through, so the panicked girl hung up and tried again. While the phone was still ringing, the girl said “what the fuck.” Apparently 911 calls are recorded even while the phone is ringing, so the police officer heard her say it. When the officer answered the call, he was only interested in the fact that the girl said “fuck” and wouldn’t help the girl. Instead, he swears at her and hangs up.

After the girl places several more calls to 911 trying to explain that her father was about to die, the officer finally called the fire department with a fabricated version of what happened.

Eventually, the girl gets arrested and jailed by the police for a crime that isn’t on the books.openquote

Well, That Works I Guess…

28 April, 2009

Here’s a video of Policemen in Denmark stopping bicyclists, hugging them and then giving them a helmet. Hmm, positive reinforcement actually working? No way…

What A Dumbass…

25 April, 2009

Some dumbass cop in Britain wrote an awesomely idiotic message about G20 protesters for his facebook status…

The police officer’s profile page on social networking site Facebook contained a message apparently written by Pc Ward at 2017 BST on 1 April.
It stated: “Rob Ward can’t wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20.”

Twenty minutes later another Facebook user posted a reply that said: “Dats bad but good in da same way lol

Wait, What?

9 February, 2009

closequoteThe Houston Press reports that final arguments are being held in the criminal assault trial against Dymond Milburn who was 12 years old when four Galveston police officers (David Roark, Justin Popovich, Sean Stewart, and Sgt. Gilbert Gomez) allegedly beat her up with a flashlight and threatened to shoot her puppy, while she was in her yard attending to tripped circuit breaker.

Background: One morning a couple of years ago, Dymond was in her yard, resetting a circuit breaker at the request of her mother. Four plainclothes Galveston police officers were driving by in an unmarked van, responding to a call that three white prostitutes were working Milburn’s neighborhood. The police spotted Dymond (who is black), jumped out of the van and announced that she was under arrest for prostitution. Dymond grabbed a tree and called for her father. The police officers allegedly beat Dymond so badly that she had to be hospitalized (for black eyes as well as throat and ear drum injuries).

I’m lost for words, really… Like the OP ( says, how isn’t this a national story?