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My Alma Mater (Now with Video)…

11 May, 2009

At about 1:00 minute a couch is added to the melee…

My Alma Mater…

11 May, 2009

Wood and beer boxes doused in lighter fluid began burning shortly before 10 p.m. at the center of the block. Firefighters extinguished the blaze by 10:05 p.m., according to an APD news release. Soon after authorities put out the first fire, revelers lit several others just feet away. Those fires soon merged into a second blaze that consumed a couch, lawn furniture and a wooden table.

As firefighters and mounted police moved in to extinguish the fires, people standing along the street began throwing glass bottles and beer cans. The bystanders injured five horses, including one hit between the eyes with a bottle that shattered on impact, according to an APD news release written by Chief Richard Mayer.

After firefighters neutralized the second blaze, police cleared the entire block. Officers in riot gear pushed partiers out of the street, off the sidewalk and behind houses along either side of Palmer Street. Several students reported that police sprayed a yellow substance that acted like pepper spray on people who failed to leave quickly.

Athens police called university police for assistance at around 10 p.m., said OU police Chief Andrew Powers. About 15 OUPD officers responded, Powers said, adding he didn’t have an exact headcount and would release a statement later.

At about 11 p.m., a couch fire started behind 18 Hocking St., but was quickly extinguished. By 11:30 p.m., Palmer Street was empty and crowds gathered at the intersection of Palmer and Mill Street.

Police, dressed in black riot gear and wielding wooden sticks, asked students to remain on the sidewalks and not block traffic. The crowd began clapping in unison, alternately chanting “OU” and “Palmerfest.”

Mounted officers pushed back crowds that gathered around houses at the intersection. The sound of shattering glass could be heard as bottles flew from the crowd towards officers.

“Get the [expletive] off the porch and get inside, now,” yelled one officer as he and several others cleared a crowded porch directly across from Palmer Street.”
More Here…


3 March, 2009

Here’s my triumphant return to homebrewing, an ESB:


Makes Sense to Me…

13 February, 2009

I was wondering what the validity was to the age old saying “Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear…” and I finally found an explanation that makes sense:


This isn’t a science website, it’s a Drinking website. So let’s cut to the chase. The only science needed is that 1.5 ounces of liquor is absorbed much more quickly than 12 ounces of beer, and they contain the same amount of alcohol. Oh, and the more alcohol you drink, the sicker you will be. Let’s examine both possible scenarios.

“Liquor before beer never fear…”
You start your evening enjoying delicious Gin and Tonics. After a couple of hours, the conversation is good, everyone is enjoying themselves. Your friend is going to get another beer and offers to grab you one. In your intoxicated state, this sounds better getting up, and you always enjoy a tasty import. So you take the offer and switch to beer. Now you are drinking beer at your previously established liquor drinking rate. You will consume much less alcohol then if you had stayed with liquor.

“…beer before liquor, never sicker”
You start your evening casually drinking beer. After a couple of hours, the conversation is good, everyone is enjoying themselves. Your friend is going to get another drink and offers to make you one. In your intoxicated state, this sounds better than going all the way to the cooler for a beer, and you always enjoy a tasty Rum and Coke. So you take the offer and switch to mixed drinks. Now you are drinking liquor at your previously established beer drinking rate. You will consume much more alcohol then if you had stayed with beer.

Examining these two scenarios it is pretty obvious why the “law” has persisted through so many college degrees. All the articles on the internet focus on the science behind the saying, but it has nothing to do with science. It is a rule of thumb that works.

I totally agree…

Some More Brewporn…

12 February, 2009

First Partial Mash brew: The Spend Your Days in the Sunshiiine Belgain Golden Ale…


5 February, 2009

Some homebrew porn…

This Is My Heart Being Translated…

4 February, 2009

An excerpt from Michigan Beer Guide:

closequoteWe prefer to write and talk about beer tourism, breweries to visit, beer style complexity, beer’s remarkable history and the huge role brewing played in the evolution of civilization. We try to share this with as many people as we can get to listen, and sadly ‘most’ people will not. For example, ‘most’ people will not read this publication.

For ‘most’ people, beer is a modest beverage of the working class. It is easily affordable, as simple to drink as carbonated water, so limited in flavor it is sold as “coldest tasting,” in fact consumers need know nothing at all about beer other then its name, and that name is a brand, not a style. For them, beer is a thirst quencher, an after work reward, and a social lubricant. And this is exactly what beer has been reduced to in America.

Beer is the most-often selected alcohol beverage because it appeals to everyone, from the just-of-age student to the centurion, and both men and women. But when the occasion calls for something special, a formal celebration or a fine dining experience, wine is often ordered to fill the bill. And, as expected, it is not ordered simply by brand name, but by style. And so it should, but so to should beer.

Beer and wine are not adversaries, they are allies, partners, two of a kind, both rooted in ancient times, both products of natural fermentation, both offering huge variations in style and sensory complexity. Yet this simple fact has been so successfully removed from our vision it has been forgotten to the point of being unbelievable. For example, when I tell people “beer is more complex then wine,” they don’t believe me. Many wine drinkers find the statement offensive. Sadly, even the majority of beer drinkers don’t comprehend this because they drink only one brand of beer, or at best a variation of one style, but they have certainly tried more then one style of wine, so even to them, wine appears to have greater complexity.closequote

The whole article can be found here…

The Brew Session 1/22/09

22 January, 2009

Good Times…

Holy Shit…

15 January, 2009

One of my dreams just exploded on my monitor…

HERE is an interactive map of anywhere that brews or sells beer in the “Chicagoland” (I can’t get used to that moniker) area…

For my Fellow Beer Enthusiasts…

14 January, 2009

Some dude is selling a 120 year old bottle of Pabst for, seriously, $100,000 on ebay. Now this bottle is pre “Blue-Ribbon”, pre prohibition and was bottled long before a shit-load of brewing laws and regulations. It would be cool to try and get some of the yeast culture out of it, etc. but I hardly think this is worth $100,000 or more…

You can check it out here

Ya, this makes sense…

14 January, 2009

Apparently, in Peru you can get hammered on the job and not be fired. A million 20 year old college students are rumored to be fleeing to Peru in order to take advantage of this “kick-ass opportunity.” (Not really)


closequoteLIMA (Reuters) – Peru’s top court has ruled that workers cannot be fired for being drunk on the job, a decision that was criticized by the government on Wednesday for setting a dangerous precedent.

The Constitutional Tribunal ordered that Pablo Cayo be given his job back as a janitor for the municipality of Chorrillos, which fired him for being intoxicated at work.

She’s not even hot… or talented…

8 January, 2009


closequoteTo recap, in 2003, Michelle Rodriguez was charged in Los Angeles with hit-and-run and failure to exchange insurance information, plus driving with a suspended (New Jersey) license and driving without a valid California license. Later in 2003, she was pulled over for speeding through a Hollywood Boulevard intersection. She was charged with driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and driving without a valid license. In August of 2005, she was clocked going 80 mph in a 50 mph zone. Two months later she was caught driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone. One month after that she was ticketed for driving 83 mph in a 55 mph zone. Eleven days after that, she was arrested on Oahu after failing a field sobriety test, registering a blood-alcohol level of 0.145 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08. For this incident she served 5 days in jail. She was already on probation, and because she violated that, she was sentenced to 60 days in jail. She didn’t serve 60 days of course, she served four hours and 20 minutes, but she was sentenced to community service, which she did not do. In fact she lied to the court and provided fake documents saying she had completed community service in LA on Sept 25. She wasn’t even in LA on the day she claimed to do it, she was in New York. For all this, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail. Of course this is LA so she was released after 17. But she did get community service, and this time, shockingly, she did it! Yaay! The system works! Today she finished the last of her 200 hour sentence by picking up trash on the streets in LA. closequote

None of that is exaggerated as far as I know. That’s LA for you… and she’s not even hot…

This is why they call it “Amateur Night”

2 January, 2009

Britain’s bloody NYE