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Man Woman Wild…

20 September, 2010

I used to watch this show called World’s Most Extreme Homes. The host was cool, she was cute and British and made the show more interesting.

I’ve often wondered whatever happened to her, as she was a good host I assumed she was doing something in Britain and I wasn’t able to see it/hear about it.

Well, the host was none other than Ruth England and I’ve just learned that she is part of the husband-wife team that hosts Man Woman Wild on Discovery Channel. This is cool, as she is a cool lady. I am now a bigger fan of this show than before. I was always more of the Man Vs. Wild kind of guy, but I can fit this into my schedule.

Happy Birthday, Liam G.

20 September, 2010

Happy Birthday to Liam Gallagher, who turned 38. Old bastard…

Ya, That Seems Fair…

13 September, 2010

Son of Murdered Father Suspended for Having Red Eyes [From Crying]

Oh, paranoia and zero-tolerance, what would the world be like without you?

Can Advertising be Art?

9 September, 2010

Based on this ad by Guy Ritchie and starring Jude Law and some hot chick, for Dior, I’m going with no. But it can be cool. However, this Dior ad is no where near as cool as this ad:

Today’s Noelism…

9 September, 2010

“My days of waking up with someone else’s chandelier in my bed are over. I’ve got kids now, I’m more chilled out.”