Policemen Suck Part VIVVXX..

Oklahoma police tase an 86-year-old bedridden grandmother

Ya, that’s about par for the course at this point. I just like to think that all of those cops have lost their sense of dignity… but they probably haven’t and will defend their decisions until the day they die.

I can just see it now, little billy asks his grandfather, “Grandpa, did you ever have to shoot someone when you were a policeman?” “Why no, sonny, but I did have to taser a rabid old woman. A ferocious brute, she was. There we were, 6 of us, answering a call from a young man who was concerned about his grandmother not taking her medication. When we arrived on the scene it was worse than we thought, not only was she unable to get out of bed, but she was frail enough to be injured by a handcuffing. So, as she launched her attack on us we cut off her oxygen supply and tazered her… twice…”

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