Oasis stars Andy Bell and Gem Archer must have sore backsides from sitting on the fence.
Neither bass player Andy nor guitarist Gem have taken sides with either Liam or Noel Gallagher since the Oasis split last summer.
But Liam is about to get them into rehearsal for live dates later this year and Noel has also needed the lads for demo sessions.
So it’s all pointing towards some difficult times when the inevitable clash of commitments happens.
A source said: “It’s a tricky situation for Gem and Andy.
“They are working with both Liam and Noel. Liam’s begun rehearsing tracks for his new project, while Noel has been doing demos of songs as well.
“It’s great for Gem and Andy, though. They get paid twice, but it’s bound to lead to trouble in the future.”
I hear Noel has more than enough material for a solo album.
He’s had house moving and family duties to take care of but once that has settled I’m sure he’ll be back to work.
Especially after another taste of the action on stage with Paul Weller last week.
He has also been recording with dance producers Amorphous Androgynous.
Duo Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans are responsible for one of the best rave tracks of all time – 1991’s Papua New Guinea, recorded under the name Future Sound Of London.
Last year the duo re-tooled Oasis single Falling Down to spectacular psychedelic effect.
A lot of people are excited to hear what tunes will emerge, me included.

Interesting… I’m not sure how I feel about this, if its true. I mean, ya it will be cool to have the band still working together amongst themselves, but I think this will just create musical inbreeding. Although, Noel could just be using Andy and Gem as demo musicians, not as his actual studio musicians, so we’ll have to see…

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