Salt & Fat

This is seriously the greatest food blog I’ve ever read, for too many reasons to describe. The best parts, they talk about using left over chicken (something I do as well) and they pair things with beer without coming off in a “hoity toity not really a beer fan but I think I know about beer because of that time I went to a beer tasting and I like Stella Artois” kind of way.

Salt & Fat

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2 Responses to “Salt & Fat”

  1. Jim Ray Says:

    Wow, thanks so much! I think you and I share attitudes about enjoying beer, I try to avoid any and all hoity or toityness.

    I really do appreciate the link and the kind words.

  2. arielviews Says:

    Hey, no problem. I’m a big fan of the blog, wish I’d discovered it earlier. I’ve been homebrewing for the past 5 years and love anything and everything about beer.

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