Hunter S. Thompson was a homebrewer…

“I was making my own beer at the time and Willard put a great strain on the aging process; I had to lock the stuff up to keep him from getting at it before the appointed moment… Willard arrived shortly before I packed up and left for the East; we had a convivial few weeks, and, as a parting gesture, I left him a five-gallon jug of beer that I did not feel qualified to transport across the nation. It still had a week or so to go in the jug, then another few weeks of aging in quart bottles, after which it would have had a flavor to rival the nectar of the gods. Willard’s only task was to bottle it and leave it alone until it was ready to drink. Unfortunately, his thirst threw a heavy shadow on the schedule.”

Hunter S. Thompson on Homebrewing

I knew he helped the dudes at Flying Dog get ideas and hung out with them regularly and that Ralph Steadman, his illustrator, made their labels. But that’s cool…

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