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Why The Police Suck Part… I’ve Lost Count

31 March, 2010

Pregnant Woman Tasered

You know, there are a few reasons to taser a pregnant woman. None of them are in this article…

Liam’s Gem…

29 March, 2010

You snarky bastard…

Coldplay are alright but they don’t do it for me that much, they’re not rock ‘n’ roll enough man. They live all around the corner from me so I don’t want to say too much in case they come round and give me a paper cut.


A Few More Videos…

26 March, 2010

Here’s a couple more, good, full length videos from the night.

Noely G. at Teenage Cancer Trust…

26 March, 2010

Noel played his first solo gig since the split at TCT in Royal Albert Hall. He played nothing but the classics, and the real classics, not the singles. Awesome.

A shit load more good quality snippets here: YouTube – timford111’s Channel

In jovial spirits he even took time the take a swipe at a Liverpudlian in the crowd requesting new tracks.

“We’re not playing any new songs”, he told the punter. “As brilliant as they are, now is not the right time or place. Are you an American? Oh, you’re from Liverpool? Try and be American, it’s better than being a f***ing scouser.”

After the crowd member shouted out for ‘Rockin’ Chair’, the track correctly next in his set, Noel joked again: “Did you rob one? Come on.”

After rolling out more classics in the shape of ‘The Masterplan’ and ‘Whatever’, Noel culminated with a rousing ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.

Looking delighted, he told the crowd: “It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for coming along to support the charity.”

RIP Jim Marshall…

26 March, 2010

I’m a huge fan of photography, as it was part of what I studied in high school and college, and Jim Marshall is probably one of the most influential and iconic photographers from the 20th century.

JM posted a pretty cool blog about him, its worth checking out:

one forty plus


25 March, 2010

Liam Gallagher was named the best front man of all time by Q magazine. Listen, I’m one of Oasis’ biggest fans, here in the states at least, (this blog should be a testament to that), but Liam? The best? I’d say the most original, but I don’t know if I can agree with “the best”.


24 March, 2010

Noel Gallagher’s victim impact statement was just released.

I have been told that I will never really recover from the damage to my ribs and from time to time I still feel painful twinges. The emotional impact it had on me was essentially coping with the pressure to perform so as not to let the band down. This has never happened to me before. For a considerable period of time I was only operating at 50% of my capabilities and this naturally spoilt the enjoyment of the tour.

Read the Full Statement Here

I get the idea that perhaps, just maybe, he is hinting at the fact that this might have had something to do with the split. If that is the case then I say fuck you, Mr.Sullivan, fuck you and I hope your life is ruined…


24 March, 2010

Hunter S. Thompson was a homebrewer…

“I was making my own beer at the time and Willard put a great strain on the aging process; I had to lock the stuff up to keep him from getting at it before the appointed moment… Willard arrived shortly before I packed up and left for the East; we had a convivial few weeks, and, as a parting gesture, I left him a five-gallon jug of beer that I did not feel qualified to transport across the nation. It still had a week or so to go in the jug, then another few weeks of aging in quart bottles, after which it would have had a flavor to rival the nectar of the gods. Willard’s only task was to bottle it and leave it alone until it was ready to drink. Unfortunately, his thirst threw a heavy shadow on the schedule.”

Hunter S. Thompson on Homebrewing

I knew he helped the dudes at Flying Dog get ideas and hung out with them regularly and that Ralph Steadman, his illustrator, made their labels. But that’s cool…

JM’s Words of Wisdom

24 March, 2010

Nobody’s life template will ever lay evenly over yours. And in those times when they clash completely, you have to walk alone, with confidence that you’re creating your own template, made out of your own instincts and your own dreams and your own goals. And if you do it long enough, maybe someone someday will look to yours as the life to model theirs after. Of course, some people won’t agree with them. It will all depend on who they ask.

Full Entry Here(Totally Worth a Read)


23 March, 2010

Noely G. in an Adidas Ad…

22 March, 2010

JM’s Words of Wisdom…

22 March, 2010

Bring Xanax.

In response to:
I would love to live inside your head. Well, just for a day maybe…….just sayin’


12 March, 2010

Ian Wright. (Pause for dramatic effect) Has a blog.

Wrightey’s Blog

On a Similar Note, More Atom Punk…

9 March, 2010

One great thing about Disney, that I think a lot of people can relate to, is that its so awesome in its old-new atmosphere. It is the epitome of retrofuturism, everything from It’s A Small World to Epcot has something old that was at one point cutting edge and brand new in design, technology or appearance.

Case in point, The Contemporary Resort. This place had to have been designed by architects who were sitting around, smoking and reminiscing about Logan’s Run.

Atom Punk For the Day…

8 March, 2010

Ever been to the Wonders of Life Exhibit at Epcot in Disney World? This place is like ground zero for retrofuturism.

If my memory serves me correctly, and I think it does, this whole area of Epcot exhumes the perfect atmosphere of a blend of great exhibits from the the 80s that were, at one time, cutting edge. I believe the exhibit, unfortunately, closed in January of ’07, but it was definitely an awesome experience, culminating in the “thrill ride” Body Wars.

Just looks at that double helix in all its awesome glory. To be honest, I guess the exhibit is a little late in the 20th century to be considered “Atomic” but its still got that great retrofuturist ambience that was very much still around in the 80s.

Liam’s Gem…

5 March, 2010

The singer – whose older sibling quit the super-group last August after tensions and feuding between the pair became intolerable – believes his brother is completely over-hyped.

Discussing who he thought was the most overrated man in history, Liam told Esquire magazine: “Has to be Noel Gallagher.”

What a c*ck…

Today’s Noelism…

5 March, 2010

A classic from 2000 in Japan…

Atom Punk For The Day…

1 March, 2010 has this awesome video from the ’62 Worlds Fair in Seattle.

Century 21 Calling

I still can’t figure out how to embed videos from fu**ing without a straight link to the flv, but its worth watching on the clickthrough…