Seriously? Come on…

Third-hand smoke also bad for you: study

The fact that these articles never make mention about the amount of cigarettes needed to create harmful amounts of “third hand smoke” are in the one pack a day and above range makes this all a bit pedestrian and banal.

I’m ok with not smoking in bars (especially in the warmer months, if its above freezing you can go outside to smoke) and second hand smoke is a definite reason for banning smoking in a lot of places, but come one. Third hand smoke? Seriously? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times, moderation of anything is ok. If I want to have a cig or two on the weekends then let me do that in peace. Don’t give anti-smokers the ammunition of shit like “third hand smoke” to make me feel bad for one of my vices…

(Also, Alassandra Ambrosio smoking just made my week…)

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