Policemen Suck, Part XXVII…

From Autoblog:

This is just… well, decide for yourselves. A Hollywood, Florida police officer rams into the back of a woman’s car. Three other cops arrive on the scene and they concoct a fictional story about a cat jumping out of a car, and the officer thinking it’s a pedestrian, thereby causing the accident. They then pinned a DUI charge on the woman. The cops even went so far as to change the angle of the pictures to make it look like the woman swerved in front of the police car. And it gets worse from there — and it’s all caught on the video. One of the officers says on tape (NSFW language), “I don’t lie and make things up ever because it’s wrong, but if I need to bend it a little bit to protect a cop, I’ll do it — She’s freaking hammered anyway.”

All charges have been dropped against the woman by the Broward State Attorney’s Office and all four officers are now on administrative duty pending the completion of the investigation. To paraphrase Dave Barry, only in South Florida.

Is it really necessary for me to supply commentary to these stories anymore or should I keep going on my rant about how much policemen in this country (and most countries for that matter) are no good. Or ho it takes a certain type of personality to become a police officer and the people who are police officers don’t have the right one? No? I didn’t think I had to…

These cops are fucking terrible people… actually I don’t think they can be called people, really…


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