You Stay Classy, Chris Brown…


You know the saying: “Say it with flowers”? Well, that just doesn’t work for everyone. Chris Brown, who, as we all know, recently plead guilty to assault, has decided to say it with a new piece of jewelry. The singer was recently spotted wearing a new $300,000 necklace with the word “Oops!” hanging from the chain. We can’t make this stuff up folks.

Created by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, the pricey piece, which looks like a diamond-encrusted bold joke considering Brown’s recent legal issues, was apparently the singer’s idea.

“Chris has been a client of mine for some time now,” the jeweler said. “It’s always a pleasure to work him because it gives me a chance to be creative. He came to me with a great idea and I am very pleased with the finished product.”

Brown has yet to discuss his new jewels, but his new purchase is definitely a “statement piece.”

Too soon, man… too soon…


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3 Responses to “You Stay Classy, Chris Brown…”

  1. Rock Radio Streaming Says:

    Chris…is best

  2. carrie Says:

    you need to start giving me credit for giving you news! 🙂 you better start wearing a chain saying “oops”

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