Death Cab, FTW…

Death Cab for Cutie member Nick Harmer recently ragged on the insincerity of Leto’s band, 30 Seconds to Mars, saying that he’s just “acting the part” of a rock star.

Bandmate Ben Gibbard added, “He’s a professional actor in music; so there’s no way to feel any sincerity about his position as a musician… Because he makes a living playing characters — so why wouldn’t he be able to take a step forward? Then you’re also acting what you think a rock star should act like.”

Not only that, but Harmer said that everyone just plays along with Leto’s dress up games, because “Oh, that’s what rock stars do: they wear eyeliner.”

God, finally! Finally someone has brought this up. Jared Leto and his “band” are everything that’s wrong with the music industry and why punk is truly dead. I like some of his movies and all that, but I honestly can say that I would rather never make it as a musician than open for, play with or be on the same bill as 30 Seconds to Mars.

They 110% contributed to the shitty “emo” culture that exists now. I miss Sunny Day Real Estate and Quicksand…


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