Today’s Noelism: 7/2/09


Noel, on The Stone Roses first album:

Timing is everything in music; The Stone Roses album came out bang on midday on the right day in right year in the right decade- unbelievable timing. When it came out I just thought “at last!” We used to go and see them all the time and I thought “I want that set list recorded as a record so I can play it at home”. So it was kind of a relief- it was so long in the making – we’d been waiting five years for it!

Obviously it’s their finest ever moment. If I only recorded two albums and one of them was this debut album, I would be fucking pleased with that.

The whole album is so well executed. It’s the exact expression of what that group was about. It was so fucking on the money that it could have been recorded tomorrow morning.

If you want to know what British pop music sounded like in 1989 then put that album on and if you want to know what great classic British pop music is all about in the bigger picture, you should put it on as well- it’s an amazing feat to capture the time of the late 80s and then 20 years later you can still put it on and it still sounds right. It still says what’s great about British music.

Musically its painting pictures from a time, and I don’t just mean 1989- it also harks back to the 60’s that I am obsessed with, yet still without being retro.

They could have only come from Manchester. The attitude and the swagger is one thing, the clothes is another, but to make music that is so of its fucking time, but that is also timeless could only happen in Manchester – it just doesn’t really happen anywhere else. This album, and the band, have achieved mythical status. They inspired us.

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