Today’s Noelism: 6/23/09

Don’t remember leaving the gig! I feel poisoned. Not looking forward to the flight home AND me and Irie Nancy have got to go to a friend’s 40th tomorrow. More boozing. Shit!!

Hello? Is there anybody out there? Been having technical problems with the lines of communication of late. Sorry for the break in transmission. Normal service is now resumed – and no, you’re not getting your money back!! While I’m on that subject, it seems that around 20,000 of you have asked for a refund from that night at Heaton Park!! 20,000!! So you were genuinely disappointed? I don’t recall seeing a 20,000 gap in the crowd. Cheeky cunts! Tsk ..some people.

Anyway, no such problems in Scotland. Gig at Murrayfield was great. Great crowd, as always. The Enemy and Kasabian were on top form. Didn’t see The Reverend.

Apart from – yet again! – some poor DJ’ing from Romeo the party in the dressing room was a good-un. Didn’t leave ’til the sun came up. Respect to Kasabian. They were still there when I left and they had a gig in Glasgow last night! Fuck that. They must’ve been rough as arseholes.


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