There We Go…

I figured JM was trying to be more rock oriented having heard snippets and all that off of his new Album, Battle Studies, I think this proves that theory correct. Also, it proves he is still one of the coolest motherfuckers ever…

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2 Responses to “There We Go…”

  1. mrramon Says:

    Pino Palladino’s New Project

    Bassist, Pino Palladino is now part of a super (fusion) group : Simon Phillips . Pino Palladino . Pino Palladino . PSP.

    You can hear and download (for free) latest PSP’s opus : GetJuke


    You can follow PSP’s action on Facebook

  2. MrRamon Says:

    Pino Palladino (along with “compadres” Simon Phillips and Philippe Saisse) is again giving away a free track to his fans : GetJuke

    With “Allegretto”, their rendition of Beethoven 7th Symphony 2nd Movement almost sounds like a hit-song.


    Phillips . Saisse . Palladino on Facebook

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