I was perusing, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, for Noel Gallagher fashion ideas and I found this little idea from ehow.com on making a Gallagher Brother Halloween Costume:

For Noel:
Begin by purchasing a soccer jersey. This can be a cheap generic jersey. Try to find a jersey with one main color. If you cannot, though, it doesn’t matter as you’ll have a jacket over the jersey.

Buy sunglasses with colored lenses. The lenses should be the same color as the main color of the soccer jersey. The size of the lenses don’t really matter as Noel has been seen wearing all types of sunglasses in the past. You can also wear an untied scarf around our neck. Even though the scarf is more of a “Liam thing,” Noel has also been seen wearing one occasionally. If you do choose to wear a scarf, make sure it’s the same color as the jersey and lenses of the sunglasses…

Carry around a guitar and, if you can, play some Oasis songs from time to time. Noel is the guitar playing brother, after all. A basic acoustic guitar will be fine for your Halloween costume.

For Liam:

When being Liam Gallagher for Halloween, your jacket should be zipped up or closed more than Noel’s. Wear either a T-shirt from one of your favorite bands (The Beatles would be appropriate) or a plain white T-shirt underneath for when times when the jacket is open.

Find sunglasses with large, circular colored lenses. The color doesn’t really matter as Liam often mixes and matches the colors of his wardrobe.


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