Thats.. Honest…’s Oracle answers a shit-load of questions for fans. Most of the time they’re stupid ones that any fan could figure out if they:

A. Are a dork (like me) or
B. Know how to use Google

However, The Oracle seems to actually care and, out of nowhere, has answered a girl’s question about breaking up with her boyfreind…

Q: Hi dearest Oracle, I broke up yesterday with my boyfriend after 3 years of relationship. It’s hard, I feel a creepy emptiness inside of me. Can’t stop to listen to The Scientist since It happened. Is there any “recipe” to make this less hard?

A: The process you go through after a relationship breaks down is that of grieving. It is a loss after all. I suggest you give yourself time to cry and be sad but don’t let it take hold of you. Allow some time but not all the time. Listen to The Scientist by all means, but not repeatedly, as it will hold you in your sorrow. It will take time and you could go through denial, anger and sadness many times before you come to accept it. It does get easier after time but give yourself lots of it. It’s still early so don’t expect too much right away.


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