I love the Beatles and David Lynch is awesome, albeit odd, but definitely a good director. Apparently, Paul, Ringo and David Lynch are holding a fundraiser tomorrow for transcendental meditation…

openquoteThe surviving members of the Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, will perform at a concert on Saturday to raise funds to help children learn a meditation technique McCartney said helped stabilize the band at the height of its fameopenquote

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2 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. ourboy Says:

    Yeah, meditation made the group so “stable” that within months of their trip to India, Ringo quit and the guys were constantly arguing, bickering and recording separately. Within a year the band was all but done for good and there was so much business and personal animosity between them (mostly Paul vs. the others) that practically could not be in each others’ company. Things between them got awful ugly even into the early 70’s.

    Yeah, looks like meditation was really helpful. *rolls eyes*

  2. Dr. Keith DeBoer Says:

    Kudos to Mr. Lynch for organizing this great concert with Paul McCartney to raise funds so that our youth can have access to Transcendental Meditation. I have seen first hand the wonderful effect Transcendental Meditation has on students and young people. They become calmer, more focused, and their grades improve too! Also their thinking and decisions are more balanced which ain’t bad either, just ask their parents! I think it’s an all around win for our children; the future leaders of our world. For more info check this out:

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