I Don’t Think My Brain Did This…

closequoteThe mysterious goings-on inside teen brains have befuddled countless parents over the years. Now some insights are being provided by recent neuroscience research.

Between ages 11 and 17, children’s brain waves reduce significantly while they sleep, a new study found. Scientists think this change reflects a trimming-down process going on inside teenagers’ brains during these years, where extraneous mental connections made during childhood are lost.

“When a child is born, their brain is not fully-formed, and over the first few years there’s a great proliferation of connections between cells,” said physiologist Ian Campbell of the University of California, Davis. “Over adolescence there is a pruning back of these connections. The brain decides which connections are important to keep, and which can be let go.”closequote

If you know me at all you would know that I have freakishly detailed memories of my childhood going all the way back to when I was two or three. These are actual memories, too, not me remembering a picture or a photograph and thinking its the same thing. Therefor, I say that not every one loses most of their connections made during adolescence.

Take that, science…

Full article here: Teen’s Brains Clear Out Childhood Thoughts


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2 Responses to “I Don’t Think My Brain Did This…”

  1. Carrie Says:


  2. Zhatt Says:

    I have a few random memories from when I was quite young too, but I don’t think this pruning they’re talking about is necessarily the connections you’ve made during adolescence. As I understand it, when I baby is born, the brain is already full of connections to facilitate learning faster. It’s easier strengthen a connection then create a whole new one. Obviously, a lot of these connections will never get used and will deteriorate. I guess it’s around the 11 to 17 year old range that most of this pruning is going on.

    I’m reminded of that girl who’s father locked her away in her room until police found here years later. Since no one ever talked to her, she never learned how to speak and at the age she was freed, it was too late. She could grasp meaning of some words, but was unable to learn speech herself. I guess that part of her brain was pruned as it was never used.

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