Well, I’ll be honest. I’ve read The Watchmen. Honestly, its been so long since I have that I don’t remember anything past the plot anyway (I was in college) and I can say, however, that I do like it as a graphic novel.

When I heard they were making it into a film I thought that it would be cool, if done well. I immediately thought that Alex Proyas would be a great choice but then Zach Snyder came along snatched it up. 300 was ok, so whatever.

I’ve heard so many goddamn mixed reviews about this thing that I don’t even think I want to see it anymore. Its good, its not good. It does the book justice, it doesn’t…

Its not a superhero movie, ok? Its like taking Dark Knight a step further and making it almost completely a social commentary. Why do people not do some research before viewing this thing?

For example:

Good Review, Bad Review

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