I Give Up…


I’ve always said that John Mayer stole my life. It always seems that if you’re a regular guy who loves good music and has an open mind then you’re the kind of guy who likes John Mayer. I’ve always made jokes that he copies all of my hobbies (guitars, hip hop, good movies, comedy, watches, dating Jennifer Aniston…).

I’ve always, jokingly, said this because he honestly seems like a musician whose not up his own ass or a huge douche. He is honestly my favorite living musician and his music is what drove me to go beyond open and power chords on the guitar… But this is just getting annoying…

The other day he posted a photo on twitter and said, “Trying some brews.” Alright, seriously, that’s fucking it. I give up.

Homebrewing is one of my biggest hobbies and making beer is a huge creative outlet for me. Stop stealing everything and trying to make it cool, John…


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