Today’s Noelism: 3/6/09

Noel gave a handful of gems in a recent interview but here are a few of come classics:

closequoteIf I’m at a celebrity football match and I’m up against somebody from Kaiser Chiefs then they’re going to hospital and that’s the end of that. So I’ve always said: ‘I think it’s best if I sit this one out’

Liam gets up and he’s a f***ing idiot and then he goes to bed. He turns up and that’s what usually spoils any celebrations.

I’ve got a lot of time for footballers – but only because 90% of them are thick as pig sh** and you can take the piss out of them.

And then there was this wonderful quote from the tour diary:
China! Fuck me, them communists have got long memories, eh? I can’t even remember doing the offending gig 12 years ago? Come on, let it go.closequote

I told you he wouldn’t even remember being there… It was 1997 people, come on…


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