Wait, What?

closequoteOn Aug. 28, a Thursday, a 23-year-old schoolteacher from Hamilton Heights named Hannah Emily Upp went for a jog along Riverside Drive. That jog is the last thing that Ms. Upp says she remembers before the deckhands rescued her from the waters of New York Harbor on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 16.closequote

Three weeks! She was unconscious and floating in water for three effing weeks! What the hell. If I were her I would live every day to the fullest. I.e. I would sky dive every morning instead of driving to work and instead of a morning cup of coffee I’d drink shot of snake blood and tequila… just a thought…

Full Article Here

UPDATE: I should say that Carrie pointed this article out to me before she says something…


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One Response to “Wait, What?”

  1. Carrie Says:

    snake blood & tequilla honey? hmmm…. no i dont think she was unconcious & floating there for 3 weeks, i just think that she was doing things for 3 weeks that she doesnt recall & then was eventually found unconcious after 3 weeks? maybe? iduno, but yay you put up my story!

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