That’s Just Crazy…

closequoteOasis were informed Saturday, the 28th of February by their Chinese promoters, (Emma Entertainment/Ticketmaster China) that representatives from the Chinese Government have revoked the performance licenses already issued for the band and ordered their shows in both Beijing and Shanghai to be immediately cancelled. The government have instructed the ticket agencies to stop selling tickets and to reimburse the thousands of fans who have already purchased tickets for these inaugural Oasis shows in the People’s Republic of China.closequote

Ok, let’s be honest. They’re banned because Noel played at a Free Tibet show in 1997. Nineteen ninety-fucking-seven. He was probably so out of it he doesn’t even remember being there. Noel didn’t get clean for another two years after that. On top this, come one, its been 12 years. Governments are funny…


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One Response to “That’s Just Crazy…”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Do not underestimate the Chinese government’s ability to overreact

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