Oasis V. Coldplay, Just Kidding…

Coldplay’s producer, and all around ambient genius, Brian Eno, and Oasis’ old manager, Alan McGee, apparently have gotten into a war of words on twitter. Its pretty much the twitter equivalent of Sorority sisters arguing over something they won’t remember in the morning after a long night of Junction Punch and regrets…

Referring to Eno’s latest collaboration with Coldplay, the former Oasis manager added: “Was it your idea to dress up Coldplay as the Beatles?” Eno replied to McGee’s message (known on Twitter as a ‘Tweet’) this morning, saying: “Fuck off, wanker.”

I have no comment in either direction as they may both a have a point…


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One Response to “Oasis V. Coldplay, Just Kidding…”

  1. Carrie Says:

    i dont really care for this last picture….

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