Here’s my triumphant return to homebrewing, an ESB:



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2 Responses to “Beer…”

  1. Carrie Says:

    monkey is empty…:(

  2. Brooks Says:

    Home Brew I’ve Tasted!!!!!
    First off it’s amazing a home brew can be so good. I opened the properly chilled bottle and correctly poured it into a frosty beer glass with my name on it. The frothy head looked impressive and stayed inside as I filled the glass. That said, the dark color made me think of a dark ale and bitter taste. To my delight and surprise it tasted more like a light lager. I really liked it’s distinctive flavor and spicy hop character. It reminded me of a dark colored Stella Artois! Keep up the good work. My next beer was a Miller Lite that tasted like water after the fine bottle of skewed brewing’s, “Back on the Horse” ESB. Quite tasty!

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