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31 March, 2009

Kick ass song/beat….

This Is Spot On…

31 March, 2009

A Stella Artois-financed short film called Dial Hard. Its hilarious and spot on. This is how product placement and viral videos should be…

Today’s Noelism: 3/31/09

31 March, 2009

openquoteI think the era of the nineteen seventies, like Led Zeppelin and the fucking Rolling Stones, we were the last of that. There ain’t gonna be a band come along out of England ever, ever, that will be like Oasis. Forget that, its all gone.openquote

Today’s Liamism: 3/31/09

31 March, 2009

openquoteSapporo, top beer, watched the Liverpool Match with the lads… LGopenquote

Twitter is lame as balls but thats where this comes from… Come to think of it Sapporo sucks too…

Atom Punk, Part II…

31 March, 2009

You know, the atomic age is one of the coolest times in American History. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it is probably the most “American” time for this country. Couple that with cool places like Denmark, the Netherlands and other nations it is my favorite time in (recent) history.

On that note, I have been searching google and other parts of the Internet and have yet to find any true following or website dedicated to this following. Steam Punk is cool and all, but I like Atom Punk better. So, I’m going to try to dedicate a post or two a day to some cool Atomic age stuff, like below… and below that…


Note: Just found out about the Atomic Age Alliance, cool stuff…

A Little Ray of Sunshine…

31 March, 2009

I am a huge Atom-Punk fan. Anything from the fifties to early seventies that has to do with design, architecture or the “future” is awesome. One of my favorite things about this time period is Disney World/Land. The Contemporary is especially cool. However, the Polynesian is another great area that was designed during this time period. Here are some awesome images (from Tikiman’s Polynesian page):


31 March, 2009

God Damn Chinese…

From the Boing:

The CBC’s SearchEngine podcast delved into the GhostNet story that broke yesterday, in which the University of Toronto’s CitizenLab discovered and revealed a spy-ring (apparently of Chinese origin) that was gathering intelligence from sensitive government, military and NGO computers in over 100 countries. CitizenLab’s researchers managed to gain access to the control server for these spy-trojans, and got an unprecedented look at the extent to which these machines were compromised (for example, they saw the spymasters activating the cameras on compromised machines and watching meetings and other sensitive communications)openquote

Have You Seen This?

31 March, 2009

Tim Eves, who was a keen fisherman, musician, and scout leader from the Norfolk area of eastern England, collapsed and died shortly after playing Wii Fit’s jogging minigame — and just moments after talking to his mother by telephone.

Full Article Here…

What’s a keen fisherman?

Noelism Part II…

30 March, 2009

As a guitar player its always interesting to see what other, professional musicians have to say about their own experiences with their instruments. This is interesting, from Noel…

openquoteTalking of guitars, I’m getting a bit concerned about my main one. The big red one. It’s suddenly started to sound a bit old and tired. And it will NOT stay in tune. It is nearly 50 years old though. Might have to stop using it for a while. Bit worried, to be honest. I’m quite literally fucked without it.openquote

I assume he’s talking about his 335, which is a shame because those are sexy…

Today’s Noelism: 3/30/09…

30 March, 2009

openquoteNow then. Have actually managed to get some much needed kip. 17 hours over 2 nights! It wasn’t un-aided, nor un-interupted. 17 hours it was, nonetheless. I feel like my old self. Or a new man. Whatever.openquote

Un-aided… ha…

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30 March, 2009

Well, Here It Is…

30 March, 2009

After a little vacation here’s something I really do appreciate:

This Is A Joke Right?

26 March, 2009

Apparently the government is trying to regulate the use of e-cigarettes. Those smokeless, odorless and completely passive nicotine delivery devices that people use to quit smoking or if they can’t smoke in certain areas. I think they’re brilliant inventions as they don’t cause cancer on top of it. So, why, does the government feel that they need to regulate or ban (my least favorite word) these guys?

openquoteThe product’s aficionados say that because it contains no tobacco, it can be used in bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other public places where states and localities have banned tobacco use. But anti-smoking groups say that’s exactly the problem. They fear that it will reintroduce a “smoking culture” into places where people no longer are used to seeing wisps of smoke and cigarettes hanging from people’s mouths. “I understand why people use the nicotine replacement aids,” said Serena Chen, regional tobacco policy director of the American Lung Association in California. “But I don’t understand why people want to pretend that they’re smoking.” Chen believes that many ex-smokers will conclude that the e-cigarette is harmless and be lured back into the smoking trap. “If you had a serial killer who liked to stab people, would you give him a rubber knife?” Chen asked. “This just boggles the mind.”openquote

I love how she A. compares smokers to a serial killer (?) and B. makes a retarded metaphor about giving him a rubber knife. Of course I would give him a rubber knife, then he wouldn’t be able to kill people… Idiots…

26 March, 2009

openquoteSo it’s time to admit it: We’re fools, protagonists in a kind of gruesome comedy about the marriage of greed and stupidity. And the worst part about it is that we’re still in denial — we still think this is some kind of unfortunate accident, not something that was created by the group of psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream.openquote

–Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Full Article Here


26 March, 2009

From Boing Boing:

openquoteBritish local councils have a new weapon in their arsenal of devices that collectively and indiscriminately punish teenagers simply for being young. The new tool is a pink overhead light designed to exaggerate acne, with the intention of making children so unhappy and insecure about their appearances that they go somewhere else (mind you, these councils are almost certainly also allocating funds to helping teenagers cope with low self-esteem and avoid the problems associated with it, such as depression and vulnerability of recruitment into violent activity).openquote

That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve seen all day so far (its still early…)

Today’s Liamism: 3/26/09

26 March, 2009

On Blur reuniting:

openquoteI’m happy that they’re back together, ‘cos then they can hopefully get rid of the Kaiser Chiefs,” he says. “Now that I’ve grown up a little bit and got wiser, I’m happy for them, to be quite honest.openquote

Gotta say I agree, the Kaiser Chiefs do suck…

Pure Cool…

25 March, 2009

Sting at The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball…

You Go, Lionel…

25 March, 2009

Let me start out by saying that I own 2, yes two, Lionel Richie albums. They’re guilty pleasures, yes, but they’re not bad either. His last album, Coming Home, is actually pretty damn good. Dude’s got soul, he knows what he’s doing. There’s a reason he’s still relevant today, and not just because of All Night Long.

Here’s another reason:

closequote“I love Duffy, whom I’ve just discovered – does she write her own stuff? If she does we’re on fire because she’s great,” he told the Daily Star newspaper. “I like The Ting Tings, I love Coldplay and U2. I want to work with them, let me put it out there. Your diversity gives me inspiration and makes me say ‘I wanna try that’.”closequote

Pretty cool…

Today’s Noelism: 3/25/09

25 March, 2009

More on the Japanese…

closequoteThat girl was waiting for me at the airport. With the sign. “NOEL OR DIE”. What does it mean!? I did try and ask her, sadly all she was interested in was a bloody picture. I then used the tried and tested English method for international communication; I asked her really ..slowly.


She looked at me like The Mighty I looks at me when I’m asking him something.


She replied very slowly with two simple words.


That’s got to the bottom of that then, eh? I’m glad I AM Noel though. Wouldn’t want to die, or anything.closequote

I think that the only way to see Japan now is with Noel, he has a flair for describing everything about it…

More Inspiration…

24 March, 2009

Good Stuff. I’m not gonna lie, I hated DMB for years and years, much like Jimi Hendrix, because of all the people who listened to them when I was in high school. Mind you, I also grew up listening to Rancid, Operation Ivy, Nigel Six, most Lookout! records bands, Fifteen and a whole bunch of other bands so i was slow to a lot of other genres of music, but still, I didn’t like Dave.

Actually, JM was kind of the gateway into a lot of good music, SRV, Jimi, Allman Brothers, DMB, Ari Hest, etc.

Anyway, this is good music…

Good Stuff (PAges, Continued…)

24 March, 2009

Is it just me or were women just generally hotter in the sixties?

Today’s Noelism: 3/24/09

24 March, 2009

As always, the Tales From the Middle of Nowhere are hilarious, this was a particularly ingenious statement:

closequotePS. As I’m sending this I’m watching some “human beat-box battle” on Japanese telly. Human beat-box? Human cunt-box, more like it.closequote

I Don’t Think My Brain Did This…

24 March, 2009

closequoteThe mysterious goings-on inside teen brains have befuddled countless parents over the years. Now some insights are being provided by recent neuroscience research.

Between ages 11 and 17, children’s brain waves reduce significantly while they sleep, a new study found. Scientists think this change reflects a trimming-down process going on inside teenagers’ brains during these years, where extraneous mental connections made during childhood are lost.

“When a child is born, their brain is not fully-formed, and over the first few years there’s a great proliferation of connections between cells,” said physiologist Ian Campbell of the University of California, Davis. “Over adolescence there is a pruning back of these connections. The brain decides which connections are important to keep, and which can be let go.”closequote

If you know me at all you would know that I have freakishly detailed memories of my childhood going all the way back to when I was two or three. These are actual memories, too, not me remembering a picture or a photograph and thinking its the same thing. Therefor, I say that not every one loses most of their connections made during adolescence.

Take that, science…

Full article here: Teen’s Brains Clear Out Childhood Thoughts

Today’s Noelism: 3/23/09

23 March, 2009

Another Classic:

closequote“It is hard to be modest at times like these so I won’t even try…you are all shite!”closequote

One of The Greatest Episodes Ever…

23 March, 2009

Hulu – The Simpsons: In The Name of the Grandfather

A reference to Guiness, Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova, Once, and they own a pub, that’s pretty sweet…

Update: I am so tired of not being able to embed certain shit, get on the ball WordPress…