Good Memories…

I just recently watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves: Two Disc Special Extended Version and, boy, was it extended. I mean, this was a completely different movie than the one I remember from when I was a kid. There were completely different plot twists, character arcs and stories. Usually I hate extended versions, there’s a reason some scenes end up on the cutting room floor after all, but, seriously, this one kicked ass. For example, instead of the “Witch” actually being a witch, she was just an effed up mom with issues and some peep-holes. There are plenty of other examples but it would just be better if you got this bad boy for yourself.

Another thing this movie got me thinking about was all of the underrated performances in here. There were three or four that stood out:

Morgan Freeman as Azeem

Michael McShane as Friar Tuck

Alan Rickman as The Sheriff (obviously)

And Kevin Costner’s mullet…


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One Response to “Good Memories…”

  1. newman Says:

    love the mullet, and you have inspired me to seek out extended edition, check out kingdom of heaven, better when full cut as well


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