Why WWTDD (and lily allen) Rules: Part II…


closequote Lily Allen relaxed in the Bahamas on Friday (as seen above) but today she’s back on tour and back on Twitter. In a response to the UK tabloid News of the World, who cited a Dutch newspaper and claimed Lily advocated parents giving their kids ecstasy, Lily wrote…

Phoning my lawyers and taking legal action, news of the world need a better dutch translator, as if I would say that. And they know it…

Perez of course rocked back and forth to push up off his frosting stained couch to write unfunny insults over this, even though she didn’t do it, part of his history of printing the worst stuff possible about her, regardless of whether or not those things are true. Almost one year ago, he said his sources told him Lily was on her way to rehab. Never happened. He said his sources told him her new music sucked. “It’s Not Me It’s You” debuted at number one, and “The Fear” is the number one single for the third week in a row. He said his sources told him her record label was “livid” with her. Hey guess who bought her this gold Rolex last week.

I’m not entirely sure what my point is to this. I think I’m just trying to show off in front of Lily. She can’t help but be impressed with my skill as a blogger, a talent on par with being able to stand still in front of a door to prop it open.

Article is here, with pictures!

This, again, is why WWTDD is such a good celebrity-type blog. Not only can he rip on famous people but he also goes after his peers and himself, and in a way that isn’t attacking them/himself as much is lampooning them, if you will (and you shall)…

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