Wait, What?

closequoteThe Houston Press reports that final arguments are being held in the criminal assault trial against Dymond Milburn who was 12 years old when four Galveston police officers (David Roark, Justin Popovich, Sean Stewart, and Sgt. Gilbert Gomez) allegedly beat her up with a flashlight and threatened to shoot her puppy, while she was in her yard attending to tripped circuit breaker.

Background: One morning a couple of years ago, Dymond was in her yard, resetting a circuit breaker at the request of her mother. Four plainclothes Galveston police officers were driving by in an unmarked van, responding to a call that three white prostitutes were working Milburn’s neighborhood. The police spotted Dymond (who is black), jumped out of the van and announced that she was under arrest for prostitution. Dymond grabbed a tree and called for her father. The police officers allegedly beat Dymond so badly that she had to be hospitalized (for black eyes as well as throat and ear drum injuries).

I’m lost for words, really… Like the OP (BoingBoing.net) says, how isn’t this a national story?


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