Hey, ya, That’s Mature…

I used to like Fagboy Joe Satriani. He is a guitar god. He is creative and writes well composed songs. But he’s a total fucking idiot. Please, let his lawyer do the talking:

Satriani’s attorney Howard King of King Paterno et al. says, “We have warned their British lawyers that we have hired a fleet of process servers lined up to dog the band everywhere they go this weekend in the hopes of serving them.” King even promises to have camera crews roaming around with the process servers to get the whole thing on tape…. Fox News are reporting today that Coldplay may be looking over their shoulders this Grammy weekend. The reason is that a lawyer representing musician Joe Satriani is sending teams of process servers all over town to hand them a plagiarism lawsuit

This is where they will, hopefully, eff themselves in the A. Satch says this isn’t for publicity and he is heartbroken (what a puss -ed.) about it all, etc. Okay, ya, sure, not for publicity. They’re only sending out servers on the biggest fucking day of Music! There only sending out, a camera crew? What the hell. This will turn so many people who are on the fence about this against Satriani. They are quite literally, about to bend over and take it from this guy.


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