As I’m sure a lot of people have already seen, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has written an open letter to the users of Wikipedia to ask for donations. While I admire his honesty, I can’t help but begin to wonder why the government doesn’t have any grant money for the site. Or do they? (I don’t actually know and I’m too lazy to investigate).

Assuming they don’t, which I’m pretty sure of, I keep coming back to the ideas behind NPR and PBS. These are two channels that exist within technologies that have shaped our nation. These channels exist because our government recognized, early on, that radio and Television were, and are, powerful outlets for information. With that being said, the Internet is yet another outlet for information, proportionately more influential than TV as TV is to radio. Therefore, shouldn’t our government have some sort of grant money (they have it for everything else) to keep an open-source, informative (and sometimes speculative) website running?

Or am I completely wrong?

Letter HERE


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One Response to “Wikipleadia”

  1. DAD Says:

    As far as NPR and PBS…No comment.

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